1 BIG Reason Your Website Could Be Losing You Money and How a Mobile Website Can Solve It

mobile phoneIts quite possible your current website is losing you money and if you are like a lot of business owners, you might not even be aware of it.  I will explain exactly how your business website could be losing you money, but before I do, let me paint a picture for you – one that I think you will be familiar with.

John is an average New Hampshire guy.  He has two kids, a great wife, and a good job.  While he is out on his lunch break on a Wednesday afternoon he decides he needs what your business offers.

He pulls out his iPhone and “Googles” _____  (fill in the blank with the service or product YOUR business offers).  Our friend John sees a list of businesses pop up and he scrolls through them.  He clicks on YOUR website and attempts to read your site’s content on his 3 ½ inch screen.

He can’t read the text easily, he can’t find your phone number easily, he can’t find what he is looking for, he gets frustrated and clicks the ‘Back’ button and your chances of doing business with John are gone just like that.

The World Has Gone Mobile – Has Your Website? 

This scenario is all too common in our new Mobile society and most business owners don’t even realize its happening.  I talked to a business owner today who was surprised to hear that over ¼ of his total traffic was from mobile users.  These lost opportunities are costing you.

Here are some interesting statistics that you should be aware of:

  • 91% of Americans have Mobile phones and over 50% of them are Smart Phones
  • In Mobile between 40% and 50% of search queries carry a local intent (using data from Google and Microsoft).
  • 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.
  • 40% have turned to a top competitor’s website after a bad mobile experience
  • 73% of mobile-powered shoppers prefer to access a mobile website rather than receive assistance from a retail clerk
  • By 2014 mobile internet is predicted to over take desktop internet usage (Microsoft Tag, 2012).

In other words, more people will be searching the Internet for your business on their Mobile phones than will be searching for it on their desktop!

Business Owner Beware!

Here is my warning to you.  The world has gone mobile and if you are like 95% of the business owners out there you haven’t prepared to show up in the right way to those prospects and customers looking for you on their mobile devices.  If they don’t like what they are seeing they are likely never to return and worse yet, they will probably do business with your competition.

How To Profit From This New Mobile Landscape

Luckily there is a relatively simple solution that you can take advantage of to make sure you are putting your best foot forward to your Mobile website visitors.  The answer is to add a Dedicated Mobile Website to compliment your existing website.

Here’s How It Works

Picture this optimal scenario – Our friend John pulls up your website on his iPhone.  Your website detects that John is on a Mobile phone and automatically redirects him to a Mobile Optimized version of your website that is easy to navigate.  Your Mobile Website makes it EASY for John to do business with you.  John hits “push to call” or “push to email” and becomes a customer.  


The world has gone mobile and businesses that don’t adapt will continue to lose customers and money likely without knowing its happening.  Those that do recognize this ‘Mobile Revolution’ will win the hearts and minds of their customers.

To get a Free report entitled “What You Must Know Before ‘Going Mobile” For Your Business” emailed to then go to www.NHStrategicMarketing.com/MobileReport.  I’ll send it right over.


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