Facebook & Bing VS Google – The Battle That Is Brewing and What It Means For NH Small Business Marketing

Bing search engine NHFacebook recently made a major announcement with their “Graph Search” search engine and now Bing is ‘making moves’ as well all in an apparent power play against the world’s dominant search engine Google.  This has some far-reaching implications for New Hampshire small business owners and marketing their businesses online.

To learn about Bing’s Latest Innovation and What It Means for NH Small Business Marketing Watch The Video Below

Bottom line:  Facebook and Bing are teamed up and taking on Google!  It WILL affect your online marketing efforts and growing your fan base, creating more RAVING FANS, and creating more interaction in Social Media appear like they will become more and more important.

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NH Small Business Marketing – Integration Marketing Example of Meadowbrook and Mills Falls Inn in Meredith New Hampshire

Integration Marketing NHHey there,

I recorded a video for you today of a really cool example of “Integration Marketing” that I recently experienced while ordering tickets from Meadowbrook and I am hoping it will spark some ideas for your NH Small Business Marketing

(FYI – Meadowbrook is one of my favorite New Hampshire music venues and its a great spot to see a show- I highly recommend it!  (its in Gilford, New Hampshire).  And Yes I like Country music – no picking on me…   ;-)


As I explain in the video below, I saw a great example of Integration Marketing and I wanted to share it with you.

What is Integration Marketing You Ask?  

Intergration Marketing is when you sell an additional product or service that helps to enhance the product or service that someone JUST bought, this can be your own product/service or joint venture partners product/service.  Its a variation of an upsell and can present itself in many ways.  I go over a few of the ways that these deals can be structured in the video.

The fact is that you can give your business a massive boost by working with partners and integrating your products into their business and vice-versa.  I know of many a business that grew exponentially on the back of these type of relationships.

Let’s go to the video I recorded for you and take a look at this example and be sure to think how YOU could do something like this in YOUR New Hampshire business while watching: 


(Hit the Play button above to see an example of Integration
Marketing for NH Small Business Marketing)

Here is the actual screenshot I took after I purchased my Concert tickets.

integration marketing meadowbrook gilford NH

Pretty slick ehh?

Some questions to stimulate your thinking:

  1. What other businesses to your prospects and existing customers already buy from? 
  2. Do you already have relationships with any of these other businesses?
  3. How can you approach those businesses with a mutually-beneficial, WIN-WIN deal that gives both businesses added value while delivering a better experience for the Customer  (all three must Win in the deal)
  4. How can you add more value for YOUR customers by integrating someone else’s business into your business?
  5. How Can I do this Online?
  6. How can I do this Offline?

Give those questions some thoughts my friend.

This one strategy could add a lot more money to your NH business!

To your success,

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Facebook Social Graph – What It Means To For NH Small Business Marketing

Facebook Social GrapFacebook made a big announcement recently about its new “Social Graph” search engine. I made a video that will walk you through what it is and what it means to NH small business marketing – specifically YOUR business.

If you have questions or comments about how this will affect your New Hampshire business post them in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Alright, let’s dig in…


Some description from the team at Facebook:

“Every day people use Facebook and discover things from their friends and the businesses and brands they’re connected to. Whether it’s seeing a movie recommendation from a friend in their News Feed, finding out about a great sale from their favorite store’s Page, or checking out a new game a friend just played, people are getting relevant information through the social graph.”

Here is the video I made for you:

(You can also see this on our Facebook Fan Page here)

The “Concord, NH Dentist” Example:

In the explanation from Mark Z. and his team of Facebook product managers, one of his team members had the the following Quote:

“I have a tooth ache and now I can search Facebook to find out who my friends use for their Dentist.”

As a small business owner in New Hampshire this is pretty important. If your customers aren’t posting about your business, aren’t liking your Fan Page, and never Check In then this may not be very positive for your business as you won’t show up in the search results.

The goal that Facebook has in mind is better, personalized, and far more relevant search results for a user’s search based on what your friends are saying.

The Four Key Areas That Facebook’s Social Search Is Focusing On:

1. People
2. Photos
3. Places
4. Interests

How is this important to YOU as a Business owner?

Let me give you a few examples of how it may work for NH Small Business Marketing.

Let’s say you’re looking for a great Restaurant in Concord, NH. Rather than going to Google.com and searching for Concord, NH restaurant – which will yield search results that have done the best job at matching what Google wants from Search Engine Optimization you could use Facebook search and get recommendations based on what your Facebook friends like the most.

Understand that Facebook is offering much more of a “Social Search” and is returning results based on what your Friends think about those New Hampshire restaurants.

It will use information like location-based check-ins, tags of that Concord NH Restaurant, and even “Likes” of that Restaurant’s Facebook Fan Page to show that it is a ‘good choice’ and a good search result.

Robert Cialdini and “Social Proof” – What It Means For Your NH Business And Social Search

Robert Cialdini, author of the book Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion has 6 key principles in his book and one of the most powerful influence elements is “Social Proof.”

As human beings we look to what others are doing to get answers as to what we should do. This is Social Proof in a nutshell and is really what Facebook’s New Social graph is tapping into with its new Search Engine.

I believe that this new Social Search which seems like it will fit in perfectly with this master principle of Persuasion will be here to stay so NH businesses should get busy on their Fan Pages implementing some of the ideas from the video above.

What Should You Do For Your NH Small Business Marketing?

First and formost you definitely want to pay attention to your business’s Facebook Fan Page. Keep posting to your page on a regular basis, share pictures, add useful content of interest to your prospects and fans. Here are some immediate take aways you want to pay attention to:

  • Make sure the name of your business is correct on your Fan Page
  • Make sure your Fan Page is in the correct category
  • Set up a Vanity Url for your business with your Business Name if you haven’t already
  • Update the information you in the “About” section of your fan page with accurate information to help people find your business.
  • Be absolutely sure your address in the location section is up to date and accurate – this will be a key way your prospects find you!
  • Grow your Fan base! Focus on attracting the right fans to your Page and on growing your fan base. Having a targetted Facebook Advertising plan is recommended!
  • Interaction! Giving your fans a reason to interact with your content on an ongoing basis. Contests, questions, and discussions are all great for this!

What Else Should I Do?

As I mention in the video above, focus On “Nearby” search which is a fairly recent feature of Facebook.

If you have a Page on Facebook with a location, your business now has another way to be discovered by Facebook’s 600 million-plus mobile consumers.

When someone looks for a place, the results that appear in their Nearby list are based on things like their friends’ recommendations, ratings, check-ins, and likes. If you’re a business with a physical location, here’s what you can do to ensure your place is more easily discoverable in Nearby:

The biggest thing you can do to gain more traction with the new Facebook search is to encourage your consumers to like, check into, rate, and recommend your placeof business!

I hope this is helpful for you and your business!  If you have questions please post them below!

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