How Do Mobile Websites Work?

Mobile WebsiteQ: “How can you tell if people can see your web site on a phone? I just downloaded your booklet / webinar, dont know alot about this web based stuff – John from Newport, NH”

A: Hey John, thanks for the great question about Mobile Websites and how they work. I am happy to explain how Mobile Websites work. 

What we are talking about here is a dedicated Mobile Website. Some websites are “Responsive” and they basically resize to fit a smaller screen. I am not really a fan of that approach and prefer a Dedicated Mobile optimized website for a couple reasons.

Reason 1. Consumers tend to behave a little differently on a Mobile phone and I prefer to adapt the website so that it suits their needs.

Reason 2. I want to make it EASY for Mobile visitors to do business with me. Most websites on a 3 and 1/2 inch screen look terrible and are impossible to navigate. This is the biggest reason I prefer to show Mobile visitors to a website a dedicated Mobile Optimized version of the site.

How Do You Get Your Site Set Up To Show a Mobile Version Optimized For That Platform?

Mobile Sites are set up so that when consumers type your URL into their mobile web browser, your website automatically recognizes that they are on a mobile phone and automatically redirects them to your mobile optimized site. 

Let me give you a few examples to show you how this works in action.

Example.) when consumers enter into their mobile browser, the Saks website is programmed to automatically redirect them to to provide a mobile optimized shopping experience. Take a look on your Mobile phone to see this in action.

Here is another example. our main website is and our Mobile Website is I encourage you to take a look at our Main site versus our Mobile site on your Phone.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of a Mobile Optimized website and why you should absolutely want to get one then I encourage you to read this Free Report. The report is called “7 Startling Statistics Business Owners Should Know About Mobile Marketing.” You can grab it here 100% for Free.

“But Wait Kyle, I am on a Mobile Phone reading your Blog Post Right Now – What Gives?”

You may have arrived at this Blog post via Facebook or Google + and you MAY be on a Mobile device and might be curious why you are not seeing a Mobile landing page. The reason is I want you reading this Blog post (the reason you came here). Here’s the deal, posting links to your blog posts on Facebook is a GREAT way to get traffic but you want the visitor to see the blog post you have and not have your site automatically redirect to the Mobile version in that case. Its a simple setting that you can have set up and I would recommend not having the Mobile site triggered when someone actually wants to see a blog post.

You can also learn more about our Mobile Website design services here: Mobile Website Design

There is a BIG Mobile revolution going on right now and more people are looking for your website every day. Will you be ready?

Here is a Video I made teaching more about Mobile Optimized Websites if you want to learn more:

Hopefully that makes sense my friend!

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Taking Your NH Small Business Online – Finding Your Audience

The Big Picture

We frequently have newer clients who ask lots of question that relate to gaining clarity on what it really takes to shift a larger portion of their business and revenue to be driven by the internet. We all know that any business that choses to believe they can compete in this day and age without being found online (and without having a positive presence online), is living in denial – a denial that will more than likely put them out of business in the near future – or well behind their competition as a best case scenario.

I’ve decided to create this short series for our small business owners who are looking for similar answers – for clarity on what it really takes to get established online. Being armed with this information, and understanding the sequence and many of the steps required, will help you to build confidence and get results faster as you move into any unfamiliar territory.

Today, we’ll be covering the first installment of 5 Keys To Taking Your NH Small Business Online. I intend on releasing the remaining installments over the next couple of weeks so that you have time to absorb each piece and get clarity on the big picture, and so you can understand why strategy is so critically important in this process.

So let’s get started with a brief introduction then…

Times are changing.

More and more people reference the Internet before making a buying decision (or even before deciding to visit a local business in the first place for that matter). Having a great storefront… having a unique business in a great main street location just isn’t enough anymore.

The’ Internet Revolution’ is in full swing.

People look to the Internet for pricing, reviews, ideas, directions and choices – options for where to go… where to spend their money – and if your business isn’t being found online, then your competitors will capture more and more of your market share.

This is a Handbook – dare I say a Survival Guide, for not only what it takes to get found online, but what it’s going to take to come out on top when you climb in the ring with your competition (and you may be surprised to find that your ‘local’ competition isn’t even your competition at all – but that’s another report altogether ;)

I’m all about getting to the solution – the exact steps for building a G.R.E.A.T Online Business. It’s a simple 5 step process to market domination – to bringing any offline business, online – and getting results. But don’t be deceived… there’s a very specific process you must follow to have any hope of success. This guide will introduce you to that process.

Let’s get started…

Step 1: Groundwork

There are three main components when laying the groundwork for the new (or revised), ‘online’ arm of your business – and these are:

  1. Finding your Audience
  2. Determining the Purpose of your online efforts
  3. Dialing in exactly what you initial Presence looks like

Let’s start with your Audience.

If you’ve been in business for any period of time, then you probably already know who your in-store audience is. This may or may not be the same audience as your online business. This is an important distinction that many small businesses overlook when moving online. 

The single most important question I ask when researching online audiences for our local business clients is this:

“Is it possible that there are a large number of people searching online for my client’s product or services that don’t already know my client exists?”

The answer is nearly always yes!

The purpose of building an online presence for your business is not just to create a better image for your company, or to retain and convert more of your existing clients into higher dollar (and more frequent), sales. And it’s not just to build social proof and engage with your clients and prospects. Most importantly, it’s to generate more business – or put a little differently:

The most important reason to be online is to grow your audience, and to convert a higher percentage of your audience into customers.

There are a few different methodologies to determine who your ideal audience is online – but that’s outside the scope of this Handbook. There’s a lot of data to consider, and research that needs to be done, but the good news is – our company, NH Strategic Marketing, specializing in providing this data for all of our ‘Blueprint’ clients.

You can learn more about the Blueprint Application here.

Ok, that’s a great start for today. Let this sink in for a short time, and I’ll touch base in a day or two with the next installment – which will be all about the Purpose of your online efforts. This is critical – and probably not exactly what you might expect…

Talk Soon,
Mike Purvis
NH Strategic Marketing, Founding Partner


Google Alerts – Find Out What People Are Saying About Your New Hampshire Business

Google AlertsHello there,

Today I want to share a pretty cool Free Resource that will help you in maintaining your online reputation for your New Hampshire Business. If you are concerned about the competitors in your local area “talking smack” about you online or even gaining an edge over you in the local search engine rankings, I have just the think for that. (and did I mention it is 100% Free?)

Allow me to Introduce you to ‘Google Alerts.’

Here is what Google Alerts is in a Nut Shell: You can have Google send you email notifications whenever somebody on the Web mentions a certain word or phrase on a website about your New Hampshire Business.

The great thing about this handy little tool is that its 100 Free!

Even better its really easy to set up (can you say, “Done in 30 seconds or less?”)

Here is where you can find it:

1. Go to and type “Google Alerts” – or go to directly to

3 Simple Ideas On How You Can Use Google Alerts:

1. Let’s say you run John Doe’s Carpet Cleaners, and you suspect your local competitors are posting fake negative reviews of you and causing you to lose potential customers. You can tell Google to send you an email alert any time “John Doe’s Carpet Cleaners” (or whatever your company is) is mentioned anywhere on the web.

2. You can monitor anything you’d like, and as closely as you’d like. If you want to set up a basic alert for your business name and website URL right now, you can do so in about 30 seconds at

3. You can monitor “Keywords” phrases such as “Concord NH Carpet Cleaner” to see what’s showing up when your potential customers are searching for keyword terms related to your business.

4. Spy on Your Competition Idea #1 – You can set up a Google Alert to see what’s published about or by your competitors.

5. Spy on Your Competition Idea #2: – Set up an Alert to see when your competitors receive “citations,” and from which sites

6. Spy on Your Competition Idea #3 – When your competitors receive links from other sites to their site – this is helpful in ensuring your Search Engine Optimization results stay above your competitors.

There you have it, a few simple ideas to use Google Alerts for your business.

To your success,

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Kyle Battis
NH Strategic Marketing

Marketing Your NH Small Business – The Power of Building Your Email List

ListbuildingHello there,

Today I have an incredibly important topic that I am excited to share with you. I have seen NH Small Businesses that literally transformed their sales using this one tactic. That one tactic is “Email list building.” I have a video that will help show you six killer tactics to help you grow your email contact list so you can spark new business anytime you need by sending an email out to your subscriber list.

Here is the Listbuilding video where I reveal the Reasons why you SHOULD be Listbuilding and I share 6 Ways To Start Building Your List (Along with a few examples from some of our clients):

Click the Play Button to watch this Exclusive New Hampshire Strategic Marketing Video Training!

Enjoy the training and if you have any questions or comments I invite you to post them below!

To your success,

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Kyle Battis
NH Strategic Marketing

Google Plus Local vs. Google Places – Getting Clear for Your Business

google plus localIf I know one thing about you I am guessing you want more Customers for your local business. If you are at all confused by the new Google Plus local vs. Google Places then this video below is for you. Watch it and learn more about the transformation of Google Places to Google+ Local and how the new Google Plus local pages can help your online business.

Click the Play Button to watch this video which explains the fairly recent changes to Google Plus Local:

Watch this and short video and see how it affects your business.

Alright, now that you have the basic understanding on how these changes may have affected your local New Hampshire business, watch this video to get some good tips on ranking your Google Plus Local page higher in the rankings:

This will help you rank higher in Google when people are searching for your business, increase sales, and boost your overall profitability.

I hope this helped and of course hit me up with any questions.

To your success,

Kyle Battis
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New Hampshire Strategic Marketing

Website Critique – A Conversion Boosting Idea for Voice Talent Expert In Nashua NH

website conversionsIn today’s post I am sharing a Website critique I conducted for Matt Forest of “Matt Forrest Voiceworks.” The description on Matt’s site says: “I’m Matt Forrest. I admit it. I’ve done voice work, audio production, and commercial writing for advertising agencies and radio and TV stations throughout the Northeast, and my voice can be heard on commercials, animation, and corporate videos from Maine to Florida, from California to New Jersey, from the U.K. to Dubai.

Not bad for a kid who grew up in the little town of Weare, NH, writing skits and recording them – voices, sound effects, and all – onto his dad’s Panasonic cassette deck. (This is the point at which you exclaim aloud, ‘What a GEEK!’ ) Thank you.

Anyway, from such humble beginnings I eventually went on to become, at various times throughout my life, an actor, copy writer,
voice talent, and photography sales dude…and through it all, I have yet to figure out how to make a living doing any of this.”

Matt posted on our NH Strategic Marketing Facebook Fan Page and asked for some help with Conversions so this New Hampshire business website critique focused on helping Matt with some ideas to boost Conversions.

Matt asked: “One word: conversion. I have more people visiting the blog, my website, Twitter, etc. – but I’m having almost no success drawing business from those connections. It’s not that I’m not seeing results – readership and connections are steadily rising – it’s conversion that’s the problem.”

Here is a short video I shot for Matt with that Website Critique:

To get a comprehensive analysis of your website and online presence that goes far more in depth than this video check out our Business Breakthrough Blueprint Analysis.

To your success,

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Google + Local Listing For Your Business

Google PlusHere’s how Google+ can supercharge your content strategy for your small business

Google+ has thus far not been taken overly serious by businesses looking to promote their products and services. This is swiftly changing! Google+ has positioned itself nicely to challenge Facebook as a primary social network for business. Websites using the +1 Button increase page traffic by 350%, and over 925,000 people join Google+ each day! Combine all of the functionality of your Google account, and massive search engine benefits, you’ve got something we can get excited about.

How to employ your Google+ Local listing

Confused on how to use Google+? Don’t fret – use these for starters!

  1. Your Google+ profile – Complete it. Do this with thought. Be sure you use engaging photos and images, and link out to your other social media profiles.
  2. List your key information – In particular hours of operation, contact details, as well as maps and directions.
  3. Link to your blog or site – Make sure you link to your primary business blog or site. This will provide added traffic plus a great backlink.
  4. Create a business page – Showcase your business where it counts. This has direct benefits for search engine results and for people that find you on Google+.
  5. Link to your other material – Link out to your blog posts. Along with having them indexed nearly instantly, this has a number of SEO advantages. You can even use your Google+ page for making posts, including multimedia that can link to your pages elsewhere. The possibilities are incredible.
  6. Utilize Direct Connect – Utilize this feature in Google+ to let visitors to add you to circles whenever they find you in search. Think of this as a Facebook “Like”.
  7. Use video chat in Google+ Hangouts – When you hold a video chat, Google+ streams it, records it, and sends you the recording via email. You can then upload to YouTube if you wish, or use it on your website or privately. One fantastic technique to use these is to create impromptu product demos.

This barely scratches the surface of what’s possible with Google+.

Here is some additional explanation right from the people at Google about what Google + Local is all about and how it can help your NH business:

  • Get found on Google free of charge – 97% of 
consumers search for local businesses online. Be there when 
they’re looking for you with Google Places for business – 
a free local platform from Google.
  • Help your business stand out – Add photos, update your address and hours, or promote your business with Ads. Places for Business lets you make the most of your listing and show customers why they’ll want to choose you.
  • Connect with your customers – Being on Google helps people find, share, rate, and recommend your business to their friends, and people across the web. Places for Business lets you see what people are saying, and respond to customer reviews.

To your business success,

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Facebook’s NEW Newsfeed


I just recorded this short video screen capture of my personal Facebook Newsfeed as I accept the Facebook Invite for the Early Bird list of their brand-spankin new NEWSFEED. The video shows the new look and feel, new navigation, and new features.

Click the Play Button below to watch this video:

I will be sharing some more marketing ideas on it in the near future after I have a chance to experiment with it but in the mean time here is an article that may be of interest: Click Here

Talk soon and hit me up in the comments below if you have any questions!

To your success!

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NH Strategic Marketing

How Online Videos Can Boost Your NH SEO Results

you tubeIn this blog post and the video below I will cover How Online Videos Can Boost Your NH SEO Results. When you boost the visibility in the search engines for your local business you get more people to visit your website. The more people that visit your website the better your chances of getting more people to do business with you. Let’s say that you have a Manchester, NH Law Firm and you want it to rank higher for particular keywords like ‘Trust Planning’ or ‘Estate Planning.’ There are certain things on site and off site that you can do to improve your SEO Results. Using You Tube videos is a really powerful tactic to rank higher in the search engines.

I have been constantly amazed at how quickly You Tube videos rank on the first page of Google for various keyword tools that they target. I have some tricks up my sleeve for my clients that help their You Tube videos rank quickly. Watch this video to learn some reasons why you should start uploading videos to You Tube as soon as possible:

If you want to learn more about how these Search Engine Optimization tricks with You Tube work let me know and I can share them with you (But only if you ask) ;-)

To your success,

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Fan Page Marketing Tips

In today’s post I wanted to share a Hot Seat video I recorded for a small business owner that is starting up his business with a Facebook Fan Page. I share some Fan Page Marketing Tips and suggestions to boost his fan page, get more fans, get more fan interaction, and even how he might grow his business by building a Google-Friendly WordPress site with a keyword-focused domain.

Click the play button below to watch this video of the Jim McGilvery Bagpipes Philadephia Hot Seat:

Here is a link to Jim’s Fan Page = Jim McGilvery Bagpipes Philadephia

If you enjoyed this Hot Seat post your questions below and be sure to grab a copy of the Free Book on how to grow your online business using the internet by opting into the box on the right.

To your small business success,

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