Spring Cleaning For Your Business – 8 Tips To Help You Market Your Business Online

spring cleaning for your businessWhen I was growing up, my Mom would always do a thorough Spring Cleaning of the house.  The result would always be a super-clean house ready for summer!  Spring Cleaning for your business is a good idea too and these 8 tips should help you Market Your Business Online:

  • Change copyright date on bottom of your website – If your copyright on the Bottom of your page stills says 2013 (or worse 2008) then its probably time to fix that up.  ;-)
  • Check your links – This goes well beyond your main site and extends into emails, newsletters, and other marketing collateral. Dead links = Broken Windows in your business.  The inevitable shifts in page structures and URLs can send people to page-not-found messages. Find the errors before your customers find them.
  • Update Copy on your website – Your Website is the ‘Digital Front Door’ to your business but is it up to date and still accurate?  I recommend doing a walk-through of every page of your website and seeing what needs to be updated.  Update your wording.
  • Fix up your Google + Business Page – This is a powerful way to help Market Your Business Online.  This page is a critically important page and most business owners don’t realize just how much traffic it gets.   You should be able to find your Google + page by Googling your business name.  Look under your website for the Google + link – that’s what you need to claim and optimize.   We can help you with this FYI – just contact us and we can fix that and your local citation listings.
  • Set up Google Analytics – If you haven’t installed Google Analytics into your Website then you’re leaving important data on the table. See how people come to your site, where they head, and what tends to be the last thing they see before leaving. 
  • Do some Customer analysis – It’s good to have customers, but not all of them will have the same value to you. Run an analysis to see which of them have the best lifetime customer value, which have been the heavy spenders of late, and, most importantly, which ones are expensive to maintain. Also, look into which services you sell are the most profitable.  This may change your overall marketing strategy.
  • Evaluate cross selling and add-on tactics – One way to make more money you’re your business is to Upsell and Cross sell your products and services to customers.  Suggesting additional products, either directly connected to what people buy or others that are related or complementary, is important in sales. Now is a great time to revisit your choices and the effectiveness they had with customers.  Are there untapped opportunities you can test implementing in your sales process and customer communications?
  • Examine Your Advertising Strategy – This is a REALLY important one.  If you are spending time or money on ANY marketing and advertising strategies now is a great time to examine the effectiveness of those methods.  Are you able to track results back to each advertising method?  What’s working?  What’s not working?  Should certain outdated methods be dropped?  Should that advertising investment be re-allocated to another advertising method that is more effective?If you are investing in methods like Yellow Page ads, ValPak, Televsion, Radio advertising, etc. I highly encourage you research how much business from each you can track back to it.  I want to be clear.  I am NOT against any form of advertising but I do think you need to track real results back to it.  If you can’t you should seriously question whether you should keep doing it.

That’s why with our ‘Lead Driver System’ we track everything from the Google Ad click through rates to real Leads generated from the efforts so you can see clearly how its working to generate real business for you.  100% Clarity leads to better decision-making.  If you want more leads it can be a simple matter of ‘turning up the intensity!’

If you would like to discuss a Google AdWords Lead Driver System for your business  just contact us and we can set up a time to chat.  

To your success,

Kyle Battis
NH Strategic Marketing

Don’t Be ‘That Guy’ – 5 Mistakes That Turn Your Website Visitors Away

don't be that guyI recently went to a business networking meeting.  It was a nice little meeting, well attended, great food, and even some entertainment that everyone was looking forward to.  I had a lot of great conservations with many people BUT there was ‘that  guy’ there who came up to me, rudely interrupted the conversation I was already having and started pushing his own agenda on me.

Worse, his breath was horrible, he had a ketchup stain on his shirt, and he didn’t ask any questions about me or my business, and only PUSHED himself on me asking how I could send him business.  Ugh… I couldn’t leave the ‘conversation’ quick enough with ‘that guy’….

In today’s post I want to show you how many small business Websites are acting just like ‘that guy.’ 

In website terminology we call this “Bounce rate.”  Bounce rate means the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

These days the majority of visitors will leave your website within 10-12 seconds.  

You have to understand that website visitors are looking for any reason to hit the ‘Back Button’ and go elsewhere.  This is especially important if you are running a Google AdWords campaign and are investing real money to get the right people to your website.

It’s critical for you to make sure that you’re not doing anything that would encourage that sort of bad behavior. Often times it could be things beyond our control. Other times, there are definite no-no’s that cause your hard-earned visitors to run away.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways that happens, and what can be done about it.

5 Surefire ways to send your hard-earned visitors packing by acting like ‘That Guy’

  1. Incongruent With What They Are Searching For – 96% of people will go to Google to find answers to their questions (this includes choosing who they should or should not do business with).  If someone goes to Google and searches for a specific thing like “Personal Injury Lawyer Nashua NH” and they land on the main page of your website and can’t easily find what they were looking for they hit the Back button.  If you are going to intentionally drive someone to a specific page with an advertisement (ie. a Google AdWords ad) then make sure the page content matches what you promised in the Ad they clicked on.

    If it doesn’t, they are out of there…

    What’s more, if your content is not helpful or just plain horrible, a similar result will follow. Congruent landing pages that match what people were originally searching for makes it easy for your web visitor to find EXACTLY what they were looking for and know without a shadow of a doubt that they are in the right place and that your website has the answers they need.

  2. Slow Website Speed and Not Mobile Friendly – This website mistake just slaughters you and can turn away a lot of qualified visitors that might have turned into paying customers. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you can say goodbye. (If they were still there) Keep in mind the types of content that causes pages to load slowly, such as large image files, videos and gauge this accordingly.

    Also, in this day and age if your website landing page isn’t mobile friendly (ie. how does it look on a 3-inch Mobile Phone screen) then they will likely hit the back button and go find help elsewhere.  Make sure your site loads fast and is mobile friendly.

  3. Video Autoplaying – This is a ‘That Guy’ problem that bugs a lot of website visitors.  When someone arrives on your website or Landing Page and your video or audio starts blaring at them, they usually leave as fast as possible (especially if they are searching the Internet while they are supposed to be working and don’t want their coworkers to know it). ;-)

    Unless this is a video sales letter, there’s no reason to set this up this way and we recommend against it.  Video is a GREAT addition to landing pages as it can nicely decrease bounce rate but give the visitor the option to hit the Play button IF they want to watch it – don’t force it upon them.

  4. Making It Difficult For Them To Contact You  – This is a HUGE conversion killing problem we see with lots of websites.  Lets say someone does click on your Google AdWords ad, lands on your website, likes what they are seeing and they believe that YOU can help them BUT then they go and try to figure out how to contact you and can’t find where to do that say goodbye to that quality lead.

    Don’t Make Them Think – Don’t make them hunt for your business phone number or a ‘Contact Form’ to reach out to you.  In fact, on a landing page if you don’t have you phone number prominently displayed (usually on the top right hand corner of your site) and have a “Contact Form” right on the Landing Page then you are ‘leaking’ web visitors.  The more friction in the process the less likely they are to contact you.  If they have to click another link to then go to a Contact Page I can guarantee that you aren’t converting as many website visitors into leads.

  5. Not Letting Visitors Contact You On THEIR Terms – Another mistake we see often is when a business website only offers ONE way for you to contact them (ie. only a phone number or only a web Contact Us form).  When someone visits your your landing page you should let THEM choose how THEY want to contact you.  Don’t force them into one method – have at least these two options available and you may even consider offering Fax and even ‘Live Chat’ just in case they prefer to contact you in that matter.  

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Avoiding these 5 mistakes on your website will help you avoid being ‘That Guy,” deliver a better user experience, and drive more Customers into your business.

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6 Tips For Working on The Online Reputation For Your Business

Are You Working on Your Online Reputation Every Day?

If you’re not you should be.

online reputation managementIt’s very hard to build a great online reputation and all too easy to have it disappear instantly with a handful of negative reviews or mentions in social media.

Simply because of the nature of Google, in that it’s all about having the latest news and reviews, it’s not unusual to find disagreeable entries which have staying power near the top of the search results for your company.

There are things you can do on a daily basis to minimize the effects of these events, and we’ve complied a handy list you can use every day to help manage your online reputation!

6 Ways to benefit your online reputation daily!

  1. Monitor and Keep an Eye on Your Reputation – The Web is a gigantic place, and you ought to be monitoring what is said about you and your company. Accomplishing this on your own is a time consuming task, so make sure you use some of the excellent tools available for finding what’s being said about you. Some of these are Google Alerts, Mention, and Topsy, among many.
  2. Ask Your Customers and Clients For Reviews – Ask your best customers to help you out by making positive reviews for you. Doing this on a regular basis helps push any negatives further down the search results where they won’t be found.  You can’t completely prevent a bad review from time to time but you can have an abundance of great reviews from your happy customers and clients.
  3. Be Nice – It should go without saying that if you are being less than gracious in your dealings with your public, it will come back to bite you where, well, you know where. Be nice, even when it hurts!
  4. Search Google – Make regular searches of Google for name, product and keyword mentions related to your company. Being proactive in this regard will definitely pay dividends! Also, don’t neglect to look at Google Images for product images tied to reviews.  I recommend doing a Google search for your name and your business name right now to see how your online reputation is looking.  Are there bad reviews right on the front page of Google?
  5. Add positive content – Make it a practice to add new, positive content that will offset negative entries. You can accomplish this with guest posts or content on popular Web 2.0 sites like  Google +, Facebook, Tumblr and Squidoo. Also, regular Blogging, submitting Press Releases on online Press Release sites, and even creating a You Tube video can help further improve your First page presence.
  6. Link out to positive mentions – Make sure and link out to positive reviews of your site. This serves two purposes: outgoing authority links in addition to highlighting your content in Google or even Yelp.

It’s no party maintaining your online reputation. But in this day and age where one can be trashed in an instant, it’s absolutely necessary!  Remember that doing this will also help other consumers researching you and your competitors to choose you.  In short it will help you attract more new customers.

If you want a free analysis of your Online Reputation contact me, request a free reputation analysis, and I’ll let you know where your online reputation stands.

To your success,

Kyle Battis
NH Strategic Marketing

How To Target Your Ideal Customers On Facebook

If you are a local business owner and are wondering how to use Facebook Ads to target your ideal customers then this video will give you a quick introduction on how to target more effectively.

Effective advertising is more about excluding people than including people.

Facebook advertising is a powerful way to get new customers but you must understand how to target in order to be effective.

Click the play button below to see some of the different ways to target your ideal customers on Facebook:

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If you want to discuss Facebook advertising and if its a good fit your business Contact me and we’ll chat.

Best of success,

Kyle Battis
NH Strategic Marketing