Amazon Local – a Good Idea For Your Small Business?

Amazon Local is a daily deals website that is part of the huge entity known as Every day, Amazon Local sends new deals to subscribers to use in their city and online.  If you are a customer of (who isn’t right?) then you likely have seen these emails in your Inbox every morning.  The question is, does it make sense for YOU to use it to advertise your small business?  

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with two Amazon Local sales representatives and I found their presentation very interesting.

Here is a video I made breaking down what I learned:  

Here is some information from Amazon Local’s site explaining how it works.

“Amazon Local is a growing marketplace of businesses promoting everything from daily deals to unique experiences. We help your business grow and thrive by connecting you with Amazon customers.

Get discovered
We’ll market your business through various channels such as the Amazon website, our mobile app, and email.

Connect with customers
We’ll share your offer with interested customers based on their preferences and location, helping you reach the customers you want.

Build your business
We provide your business with a growing set of tools to reach customers and measure your success.”

Learn more about it here:

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Google Direct Mail, The $50 BILLION Online Advertising Giant Sent ME Direct Mail?

Google, The $50 BILLION Online Advertising Giant Sent Me Direct Mail and there is a lesson here I would like to point out to you.  Google made $50 Billion last year and 97% of that revenue came from selling its online Paid Advertising product “Google AdWords” of which I am a huge fan.

Did you know Google nets $115,150 of revenue in one minute, and converts $23,509 of that into profit.  

Crazy isn’t it??

Despite those amazing numbers you might be surprised to know that Google is one of the largest Direct Mailers in the technology space (with companies like AT&T).

Google is the 8th largest technology Direct Mailer and sends MILLIONS of direct mail pieces every year. They use direct mail heavily.

I was recently invited to participate in one of Google’s newer beta programs called “City Experts” and I just got this in the mail yesterday:

google direct mail


google direct mail 2

An Example of Google Direct Mail


What I find interesting is that just last year Google was the eighth largest technology direct mail company in the U.S.

While there is no doubt at all that online advertising is critical in today’s fast-paced digital world the question to ask is why is this Online Advertising GIANT sending out millions of pieces of mail?

The answer:  Because it flat out works.

They’re using this traditional, old, offline media to drive customers to their online advertising service Google Ad Words.

Sure they do run Google AdWords Ads to attract new businesses to them BUT they aren’t using just one method to attract new customers.

One is the worst number in any business.

While I am a big fan of online marketing, I find it my responsibility to remind you that Direct Mail is still alive and well.  Its also very effective still when done right (keyword = right).

Its better to have as many ways as possible to attract new customers into your business:

-Google AdWords

-Organic Search Engine Optimization

-Social media marketing

-Free publicity through local media channels

-Direct Mail

-Referral Marketing

-Joint ventures with other non-competitive businesses


Something to think about….

So, back to our discussion about direct mail.

Here are some questions I can leave you with to get you thinking.  

1.  Are there ways you can use simple direct mail pieces to get new prospective customers to try your product or service out?  Check out this other example Google mails out to attract NEW customers.

google direct mail example

2. Should you try to do a little ‘Appreciation Marketing‘ like the above example from Google?  A simple hand written card goes a long way!

3.  Should you try sending a monthly Print Newsletter to keep in touch with your valued customers?

If online marketing giant Google still thinks its a good idea then maybe you should try it in your business too?

Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you.

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