Why Your Online Reputation Is So Important And How To Improve It

Why Your Online Reputation Is So Important And How To Improve It

Your online reputation matters for your small business.  It really does.  Many of your ideal customers will Google your business name to investigate your online reputation BEFORE they consider hiring you / doing business with you.

In this video I explain why your online reputation is so important and how to improve it (Hint:  we have a tool that our clients use to improve their online reputations).

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PS – NOT actively protecting your online reputation and consistently working on it can leave your business vulnerable.


How This Nonprofit Generated $3,200 In Donations With a Simple Facebook Video Ad

How This Simple Facebook Video Ad Generated $3,200 In Donations

Here is a short video I recorded for you sharing a story from the Animoto Blog about a simple Facebook video ad that got great results.  It is a great example of an effective Facebook Video ad.  It contains some great lessons within it about how you can use a Facebook video ad to grow your small business.

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3 Takeaways From This Video To Use In Making Your Own Facebook Video Ad

  1. Don’t worry about high production quality
  2. Use Text overlays on the screen so that most of the people who see the video in your newsfeed don’t have to click for sound
  3. Make it short – you don’t need a 12 minute video, a 30 second – 1 minute video is more than enough.
  4. Your message matters – tell your story succinctly.
  5. Have a call to action or an “Ask” – in this case it was to Donate.  For your small business it may be to “come into our store for the sale” or “call to get a Free quote.”

Follow those simple tips and you can make an awesomely effective Facebook video ad.

Here is the story shared in this simple Facebook video ad:

“In April 2017, when heavy rains caused landslides and flooding in Colombia and Peru, ShelterBox USA, a non-profit dedicated to disaster relief, sent teams to Colombia and Peru to assess the damage and come up with a plan to bring shelter to those affected and in need.

Just a few months prior, ShelterBox USA used Animoto to create an end-of-year video for their Facebook page. The video received over 260 reactions and nearly 200 shares. The organization’s Director of Fundraising and Strategic Partnerships, Sarah Robinson, wanted to see if she could replicate this success and drive awareness and donations for the ShelterBox USA’s efforts in Colombia and Peru.”

Learn more about Animoto here.

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Sales and Marketing Funnels For Your Business on Facebook

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I talk to many small business owners each and every week and many are unsure how they can use something like Facebook to drive REAL business (not just Likes, comments, and shares) into their business.  Sales and Marketing Funnels For Your Business on Facebook are a real thing you just have to use some critical thinking, know your customer, and engineer it to work for you.

In this video I start to introduce you to the concept of just how you can do that.

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If you have questions on how this could be accomplished for your business let’s chat.

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