5 Choices for an E-Commerce Solution

See these 5 E-Commerce Solutions that Can Work for You!e-commerce

How many of us are born knowing how to set up and implement an e-Commerce system? I thought so. But really, selecting and setting up an e-Commerce solution for your small business doesn’t need to be such a daunting endeavor. It just takes finding the right system, and we’re going to take a look at several of those right here, right now.

When comparing solutions make sure you keep your own needs front of mind, as it is very easy to opt for a solution that is a lot more than you really need. That said, let’s check out 5 e-Commerce solutions that are suitable for startups.

5 Terrific E-Commerce Solutions for startups

Volusion – A great solution for startups as it is supremely affordable, starting at $15 per with no transaction fees and a free 14-day trial period. Volusion offers a website builder, hosting and a shopping cart. They have a number of SEO features built into the platform, as well as professional templates and 24/7 support.

Square Market – This choice will provide you with a way to get your storefront up in minutes, with a wealth of features including personalized store logo and images, flexible promotional codes, adjustable tax rates, size and color options, social media links, online marketing tools, mobile-ready storefronts and more. There are also no monthly fees, and merchants are charged 2.75% per sale.

Shopify – Another entry-level solution that gives a 14-day free trial, and charges $14 a month with no transaction fees. With over 100 templates to pick from, Shopify is drop-dead easy to set up, and Shopify Mobile (Shopify’s own mobile credit card reader) and Shopify POS (Shopify’s iPad point-of-sale system) can make selling anywhere a reality.

WooCommerce – If you use WordPress as many of us are, one of the better choices available is WooCommerce, which easily integrates into your existing WordPress site, and can still take advantage of the many plugins and advantages WordPress has to offer.

BigCommerce – One of the bigger dogs in the fight, BigCommerce features a wealth of features, and is slightly more complex than some of the others we’ve been talking about. This may be a step above your needs and is a solution aimed at mid to high volume businesses. Still modestly priced though at $29.95 with a 1.5% transaction fee for starters.

About Mike Purvis

Mike Purvis is a systems design and analysis expert. Mike spent the first part of his career in the automotive industry – becoming the lead technician and then Service Manager for a reputable Ford Dealership here in NH. From here, he learned the power of building and supporting a team, how to find problems others simply couldn’t, and first-hand how to grow a business. In his time as Service Manager, Mike led the company to achieving record highs in department revenue, customer satisfaction and even received some of the Industry’s most prestigious awards.

Mike’s drive to automate, and systematize things, coupled with his strong interest in technology and marketing led him to the internet. Close to a decade ago, Mike started working with a small team to build online systems that served the specific needs he saw in regards to online traffic and lead generation. The successes of these early projects led him to startup his first company and dedicate himself to using the Internet to helping other people.

Since that time, Mike has worked with an extensive array of entrepreneurs in markets ranging anywhere from music and instruments, traffic and lead generation, and yes… even hypnosis. Working in such a diverse group of markets gives Mike unique insight into what works, and what doesn’t online.

In the last decade, Mike has managed teams ranging from 2 to 20 highly skilled individuals, and has built systems and marketing funnels responsible for millions of dollars in sales. He has an incredibly strong, often commented on, work ethic and an uncanny ability to get even the most complex projects done on-time, every time – never sacrificing quality for speed.

Mike is an expert in preparing to enter new markets, and outlining exactly what’s required to overtake strong competition in the online space. He’s often known for seeing problems with online systems that nobody else even realized existed – almost always resulting in increased sales, leads and overall success of a marketing campaign.

Mike is also an AdWords Certified Individual, and has designed, managed and honed campaigns for 5 million dollar plus companies, resulting in profitable traffic in difficult markets where others had failed.

Mike was born, raised and currently lives right here in NH with his Wife and Son, and an interesting array of pets including; a dog, a guinea pig, a highly spirited cat, a mini donkey and a mini horse.

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