7 Big Mistakes In Driving Paid Traffic To Your Site

Google adwords lead generationIn today’s post I will cover 7 Big Mistakes In Driving Paid Traffic To Your Site.  To kick off this blog post I want to share a testimonial from a smart business owner that just read our new book, “How To Generate Leads For Your Local Business With Google AdWords.

Here is What Liz Wrote About Our New Book:  

 “Best wake up call in the whole book:  ‘…reliance on social media, (SEO), product launches, …and strategic alliances and/or joint ventures makes your business vulnerable… Whereas once you understand even the basics of buying media and paid traffic the game immediately changes for you.’

For the rest of the book, Battis helps you understand just that. A must read for any business owner – whether your business is online or off!”

-Liz Thompson


Paid Traffic – An Option For Your Business?

With that said, paid traffic may not be a smart move for every business owner.  If your customer value isn’t big enough and you can’t recoup that ad spend investment in the first 90 days (that’s our rule we aim for), then skipping out on paid traffic and using free sources may be the way to go.

However, if you use our Google AdWords ROI calculator and Lifetime Value of a Customer calculator and the math works out for you, then using Google AdWords is hands down the most predictable way to acquire new leads and customers (as Liz pointed out in her review of our book).

So, if you’re interested in testing out Google AdWords for your business here are 7 Mistakes We See businesses making.


7 Big Mistakes In Driving Traffic To Your Site

1.  Not Testing Small – No matter what kind of media you want to invest in, ALWAYS test small.  I was talking to a client last week and he told me he got approached by ValPack and they wanted him to invest $1,800/Month on ValPack inserts and they had a 6-Month mandatory contract.  The worst part was that they REFUSED to let him even do a small test.

This is a bad idea and he was right to say ‘No Thanks’ to their offer.   ;-)

We always recommend that you do our small Google AdWords one-time traffic test BEFORE starting any bigger campaign.  Dipping your toe in the water to see what you are getting into will help you make better, more informed decisions, minimize risk, and get a better idea on how it could work for you as a traffic source.

2.  Not Split Testing of Ads – When we do Google AdWords campaign Audits we see this mistake all the time.  A business owner or staff member will set up some campaigns and let them run.  The problem is that when it comes to investing money in your online advertising you absolutely MUST focus on ‘constant improvement.’

The Japanese word Kaizen means constant and never ending improvement and you must do this with your Google AdWords campaigns.  The way this works is demonstrated in this little graphic:

google adwords split testing

3.  Driving to your Main Website – This just isn’t a good idea for a lot of reasons which we go deeper on in the book.  In a nutshell, you can’t monitor exactly what those clicks from your Google Ads to your website are turning into (you can’t separate that traffic source from organic traffic, social traffic, etc).

Your main website isn’t set up for Conversion as the main goal.  Driving traffic to your site that is full of “leaks” will be the same of throwing money and leads away.  The optimal way to do this is to drive traffic from Google AdWords to a conversion-specific Landing page.

google adwords optimization4.  No tracking of what’s working (Aka Blind Archery) – Having clear metrics on what’s working and what’s not working is crucial for success with Google AdWords.  Most people that have “tried” Google AdWords and couldn’t make it work for them because they didn’t track, didn’t test, and had no idea why it wasn’t working.

In order to make it work for you there must be 100% clarity on every metric from the start of the process to the finish.

How many impressions do your ads get, how any people that see those ads click on them, out of those people that click on the ad how many convert to a phone call or a form submittal, and what was the cost to acquire that lead.

Knowing these metrics can mean the success of a campaign and it can show you which piece in the process needs fixing and optimization.

5.  Not driving to a Landing Page – By not driving to landing pages specifically created to convert leads you are pouring money down the drain.  If you really want to make Google AdWords a powerful lead source for you then you must use landing pages.

It can literally increase the Return on Investment for your campaign by thousands of percent.

The good news is, if you are using Google AdWords (or any paid traffic source) and seeing ANY success even without using landing pages when you start using Landing pages you can dramatically increase your results!!!

6.  Not Matching Your Ad to Your Landing Page – We see this mistake all the time too with our AdWords Campaign Audits.  A Business will be paying good money for their Ads to show BUT they are not driving anyone that clicks on that ad to a landing page specifically about the topic of the ad they clicked on.

For example, if I am a Lawyer and I pay for a Google Ad that talks about Personal Injury Law BUT I drive anyone that clicks on that ad to a general landing page about the Lawyer there is a disconnect.

They clicked on the ad looking for Personal Injury Law BUT they don’t see it on the page they land on.  This is a problem.

They came looking for one thing and you showed them something else (makes the prospect feel like you ‘baited and switched them’).  The better way to do it is to put them on a landing page SPECIFICALLY about that topic (personal injury law in this case).

7.  Not a Good Offer – Having your ad show up to someone searching for what your business has to offer is one piece of the “new Leads’ equation.  Getting them to click on the ad is another.  Once you get them to your landing page getting them to either call your phone number or fill out a ‘Contact Us’ form is an entirely different matter.

The biggest mistake we see 99% of advertisers that try to do it themselves is they have No Offer (or at least a really bad one).

Just driving them to a page isn’t enough for making them want to contact you.

They are instantly ‘sizing you up’ when they land on your page and if they don’t get the feeling that you are the right person to talk to then they are going to click the back button.  Here are a few tips to ensure you work into your landing page:

  • Focus on a powerful and clear headline: Your headline is the most important aspect of your copy – in fact, it’s the only part some visitors will even read! Make it count.  Make a GREAT offer to your visitor and this can increase conversions.
  • Write clear, concise copy: Your copy should be pushing the benefits of your offer.  You need a great offer to differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Implement bullet lists, bold text, and other visual elements: This helps readers understand what parts of your copy are the most important and makes the copy easier to digest. Remember, you want visitors to be doing less reading and more form filling!

Without a great offer people aren’t going to feel comfortable to call you or fill out your form.  (free consultations, free analysis, entry into a contest, a gift with purchase, a gift with appointment, etc).  Those are just a few ideas but if you are getting people to your site with your ads BUT not getting them to convert your offer needs work.

I am a big fan of a simple “tripwire” offer that gets them in the door and talking with your staff.  Once you have them take that step you can then build trust, build credibility, deliver on what you promised and THEN upsell them to your higher end products and services.


Fixing These Mistakes Can Dramatically Improve Your Results

In our experience fixing these mistakes can greatly boost your results and take a campaign that is losing money, or just barely effective and make it your number one lead source!


Here’s What To Do Next…

If you are running a Google AdWords campaign currently and would like a free Audit of your account we can help you uncover hidden profits in your campaign.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer click here to contact us.


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