And here is the additional information about the Facebook Local Awareness Ads: Facebook Local Awareness Ads are a new Advertising format available to Small Businesses that were recently launched. Small businesses may be small but their presence is primed to get a whole lot larger, thanks to a new feature being rolled out by Facebook. ‘Local awareness’ advertisements will be shown to Facebook users who are in a businesses’s neighborhood, with the goal of attracting new customers. The advertisements are … Continue reading


How To Get More Google Pay Per Click Traffic For Less Money

more traffic from google


If you are running a Google AdWords campaign to generate leads for your business then this will be a crucially important video to watch. Most advertisers are making a huge mistake that is costing them a lot more money then it needs to – and its hampering their ability to get more leads for less money. What I show you in this video will help you get more traffic from Google for less money.  Click The Play button below to … Continue reading


How To Get More Leads By Getting a Higher Click Through Rate

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Any business owner that is running Google AdWords and NOT taking advantage of Ad Extensions is missing out. Part of the success formula for Google AdWords is getting a higher click through rate on your ads. Ad Extensions help do just that.  In this short video I will show you How To Get More Leads By Getting a Higher Click Through Rate. Google put together a cool little video that shows how these work. See how a business like Main Street … Continue reading