Facebook Paid Advertising Services

Here’s a brief look at how our Facebook Paid Advertising Services work…

1.  NH Strategic Marketing will get Facebook Ads interface set up, running and optimized for your business.

2.  Our team will work with you to focus in on attracting the right prospects for your business. This is done through a "discovery meeting" with your team, where we gain clarity and insights into who your ideal prospects and customers are, and then use that in combination with some comprehensive research we’ll perform from within the Facebook Ads Interface.  

3.  Using this information, we’ll procure ideal images to test and then write ad copy variations that are most likely to get the best result. We’ll run the final drafts by you for approval before putting anything live. 

4.  We will then create initial "Like", "Lead Gen", and "Sponsored Story" campaigns with split testing to improve conversions and decrease cost per lead over time. 

5.  We will work with your team to set up conversion tracking for your ads, so we can clearly see the effectiveness of the campaign.   

6.  We’ll work daily to improve conversions, decrease cost per lead, and optimize the campaign.  

7.  We will send weekly reports on how the campaign is progressing – including stats on number of leads generated that week, cost per confirmed lead, and other pertinent statistics so that you can see clearly how the campaign is performing.  


Here’s What This Campaign Will Do For You:

– Generate qualified leads for your NH Small Business

– Build your Facebook Fan Page and Fan Interaction 

– Provide "Social Proof" That Your Business is Legitimate (People unconsciously pay attention to how many fans you have and don’t trust brands that don’t have large fan bases and customers)

– Help you fill up your seminars

– Help you sell back end products to your fans and leads

– strengthen your brand

and so much more…

Learn More About What Our Facebook Related Services Can Do For Your Business

Option 1Contact Us and Get pricing on this item – be sure to clarify in the contact form which item you want to learn more about.

Option 2 – Have my team and I conduct a full Business Breakthrough Blueprint Analysis to see how Facebook Services fit into your overall online and offline presence and find out exactly what else you should be doing (and how to have it done for you by us). Click Here To Learn More