Granite State of Mind, NH, and Tips To Creating Viral Videos

Viral VideoAccording to Wikipedia, “a viral video is one that becomes popular through the process of internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites and email.” In this post I am going to show you one of my favorite New Hampshire Viral Videos and give you some tips to creating a viral video of your own.

Let’s Dig In…

A favorite Viral Video of mine was created by The Super Secret Project, a comedy group based out of Boston, specializing in “making videos so you don’t have to”. The group has strong ties to New Hampshire

According to this excerpt from their website, “the first recognition came when their video ‘Ode to Zach Braff’ was shown on ‘The Tonight Show’ but their true notoriety came when ‘Granite State of Mind’, their New Hampshire nod, went viral. To date their videos have garnered over 7,094,935 hits on YouTube and they have been written about in ‘USA Today’, ‘The NY Daily News’ and ‘The Boston Herald’ as well as making appearances on Boston media outlets such as WBZ, WGBH, WHDH, WCVB and WFXT.”

If you haven’t seen their smash hit New Hampshire Video watch it here:

Just hit the play button above to watch this Viral Video

Here Are 4 Tips To Creating a Viral Video Of Your Own

1) Know Thy Viewer

I remember when I first saw ‘The Granite State of Mind’ video. I was already a fan of the Jay Z song ‘New York State of Mind’ so when I saw this video talking about the state I love I just HAD to share it! There is plenty of “name Dropping” of Famous NH people and I knew many of the places mentioned in the video. I recognized and had visited many of the places within New Hampshire in the video shown and I could relate to many of the jokes and NH humor. Dan Kennedy calls this principle, ‘Message to Market Match.’ By matching your message to the right market (your viewer) that is when you get the best results – in this case a Viral Video that probably made them a bunch of money. The SSP nailed ‘Know Thy Viewer’ in this video.

2. Hit The Funny Bone In Your Viral Video

You want your viral video shared – make it funny. Think about all of the viral videos that you’ve seen—most of them have been funny. The SSP has plenty of one-liner jokes, funny sayings, and hilarious NH references in their video.

3. Keep It Short Champ

Keep your viral video short. “The Granite State of Mind” clocks in at 4:43 and may be a little longer than some videos but keep in mind it is a Music Video. Ideally you want this video to be watched as many times as possible, and that’s more likely to happen if people can watch the video quickly. Some Viral Video experts recommend even shorter videos are the way to go (about a minute or so).

4. Promote Your Viral Video to Your Personal Network

Now its time to spread the word and promote your viral video. A “Grassroots Marketing Effort” may be all that you need to start a fire that will spread. YouTube it, share it on Facebook, Tweet It, Pin It, Email the link to your mom, your cousin, your high school class. Make it easy for everyone to then forward the video to all of their friends. According to Wiki Answers, the average Facebook user has about 120 friends on Facebook so every viral Share you get exposes your video to a new network of potential viewers (who can then share it with their network!).

I remember watching “The Granite State Of Mind” video spread like Wildfire on Facebook and days later saw it on local News Stations! It started small and exploded.


There you have it – one of my favorite Viral Videos and 4 tips that you can learn from it to create your very own viral video. There are never guarantees that a video becomes viral but these tips taken from this proven winner may give you a fighting chance. To your success.

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