How Can You Use Facebook Graph Search in Your New Hampshire Business?

Facebook graphFacebook is at it again, and this time it’s called Facebook Graph Search. This is their attempt to sway their search results from the keyword-based model like Google’s, to one where Facebook can employ its greatest asset, the social interplay between all its users. Still coming out, Graph Search may not be open to you yet, (still only accessible in the US, and there’s a waiting list) but it’s on its way right around the corner. And if you’ve got a business that utilizes Facebook at all, you must understand how this could benefit you.

So just what is Facebook Graph search?

Facebook Graph Search is a search model whereby you are served up results based not on any keyword you entered, but rather results determined by your social spheres. For instance, your search will reveal people who share your interests, photos and videos they’ve liked, and connections you share. These outcomes are unique to you as they’re based on you and your friend’s interests.

How can you use Graph search in your marketing?

One of the primary benefits here is apparently that Graph Search will reward people who are making a genuine effort with their social media, engaging and reaching their fans and followers. Facebook is mum about the aspects of the actual search algorithm, but suffice it to say it will go a long way towards removing pages that are trying to game the system. Fake Likes and fans received from strange locations out of your common spheres, will probably be viewed with some skepticism.

If your business is seriously interested in social media, you stand to benefit from this, as you will be visible on Facebook. A few of the basic ways you can prepare for Facebook Graph Search are to:

  • Make sure your Facebook page profile is totally filled out with your information, so that users can locate and contact you.
  • Engage, engage, engage. Promote interaction
  • Be very careful of what is posted online, especially on Facebook itself, as this can come back to embarrass your business in a big way!

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