How to Avoid making These 5 Crucial Sales Mistakes

mistakesSee These 5 Sales Mistakes that Can Sink Your Sales

It’s hard enough to get sales conversion without shooting yourself in the foot, so it’s often useful to take a look at mistakes that are easy to make in this area. Even though we all possess different skill levels and abilities, the majority of these apply universally, and we can all benefit by keeping them in mind.

5 Easy to make mistakes that can ruin the sales process

Are you listening? – As crazy as it seems, most people are not all that interested in you or your product. They are primarily interested in what you can do for them. Far more important is the chance you are getting to hear exactly what they need, and then proceed to fulfill that.

Not providing a solution – Concentrate on providing a solution for the problem the person is looking to solve, rather than selling your product. If you demonstrate how your product or service can solve their most pressing problems, you’ll be far more successful.

Not being prepared – If you don’t do as much homework as you can prior to the meeting, you may find yourself woefully unprepared. Take a little time to research the company, the people, and whatever else you can find to determine the landscape you’re walking into. A little familiarity goes a long way.

Not staying focused – While it’s always a good idea to do a bit of relationship building in a sales call, this can backfire if you don’t remember why you’re actually there. Stay focused on the reason for being there, and don’t use up their available time without getting your pitch across without a rush at the end.

Ask for the sale – The biggest reason many sales calls don’t convert is because they didn’t ask for the sale. Fully understand why you’re there, and don’t be shy about asking for a decision. You just might get a yes!

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