Keyword Rank Tracking Service

You’ve targeted the best keywords and are implementing a plan of attack to dominate the search engines for your most profitable phrases – now it’s time to track your efforts.

The Rank Tracking service is a monthly report and analysis NH Strategic Marketing will do to see how your keyword strategy plan is unfolding. You’ll be able to watch month to month as you start ranking for NEW keywords and also start ranking HIGHER for terms you were already placed for.

The goal… multiple placements on page one for all of your most profitable terms – nudging all competition out of the top rankings on the major search engines and social platforms. This report keeps you on target and makes sure your efforts are paying off. It allows a chance for course correction and advanced strategic movements if the competition starts fighting back.

Here’s what your report will include:

A Detailed Graphical Report showing the following:
– Current Overall Search Engine Visibility for all targeted keywords
– Top Keyword Rankings Overview
– Ranking Details by Individual Keyword across Google, Yahoo and Bing
– Improvements over last month and an assessment of what’s working, what’s not and how to tackle the coming month

A Detailed Video Report turning the data into actionable steps to improve and refine your Keyword Strategy. This is invaluable. The web is an increasingly dynamic place and in order to remain at the top, yo uneed to be constantly on your game and not leave openings for your competitors to sneak through. This monthly assessment is your best defense to prevent that from happening.

A visual representation of your keyword improvements since initiation of campaign

Delivery Timeline – Report and Video will be delivered on a schedule determined by Client and Account Rep. Suggested window would be before the 10th of each month.

Learn More About What Our Rank Tracking Sercvice Can Do For Your Business

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