Kyles Recommended Resources

My name is Kyle Battis and I know a lot of people…  I don't say that to brag or boast, I just know a lot of people and business owners in New Hampshire. 


I meet a lot of business owners through our marketing agency NH Strategic Marketing and I patronize many businesses through the state of New Hampshire. 


I have some great recommendations for anything you might be looking for.  I get asked all the time, “Kyle, who do you know that _____” so I decided to put together this recommended resources list to help put it all in one place.  


Below you will find a list of various businesses and resources that may be helpful to you!  


I a member of many local networkings groups (one in Concord NH) and another in Manchester NH that is a BNI group (Powerhouse Group).  In that Manchester New Hampshire group alone there are over 35 well-connected business owners so chances are if “you need a guy or gal” for anything chances are good I will have a connection for you.


Need a local interior painter?  Kyle has a recommendation.  


Need a payroll processing company?  Kyle has a recommendation.  


Need a Human Resources company?  Kyle has a recommendation.  


Everything from local lawn care companies, financial advice, kitchen cabinet suppliers, roofing companies, siding companies, paving companies and more.  

If there is a resource you are looking for help with that you don't see on this list just contact Kyle and he can let you know if he has a resource that can help you!  

Kyle's recommended resources

Here is Kyle's always-growing list of recommendations.  Whatever you are looking for and need help with it is  have a resource that can help.


If you are looking for an Accountant for your business I have a couple great options for you. 

First is Kim Landry at Landry and Associates.  Her and her team have been GREAT to work with!  They know their stuff, are proactive, and do great work.  

I have also worked with Kim Edwards owner of Edwards CPA Group in Northfield NH for years and she is another great resource as well!  


I have had the great pleasure of getting to know some great car repair businesses here in NH.  

One of which I have used often to repair my Jeep Wrangler is Bob and Son's Automotive based out of Manchester NH.  Ian and his team there are great!  They even do European automotive repair.   

Another Concord NH based auto repair shop I have used is called “Accomplished Auto.”  Clint Jones and his team do great work, are reliable, trust-worthy, and efficient.   

Bankruptcy Attorney

I hope you never need my friend Malcom Blackwell services but if you need a NH bankruptcy attorney then he is a great option! 


I personally use Beth Giller from Wicked Accurate Bookkeeping to do my own small business bookkeeping.  She is thorough and accurate.  


I have had the pleasure of getting to know Carlos Perez, owner of Back In Motion PLLC.  Carlos is a Chiropractor and specializes in sound healing which is very interesting!  

Commissioning Company 

This is a niche service that offers BSL-3 Lab commissioning.   They area great team and my Father even works for them so that's a bonus!  

Design Build General Contractors 

If you are looking for a quality NH based general contractor I have a couple great recommendations for you.  

Joe Landry is owner of Build Savvy and specializes in kitchen redesigns, bathroom redesigns, in-law apartment additions, and even custom garage construction.  Joe is very skilled and does great work!  

Another great option is Steve Dube owner of Dube's General Contracting.  They do quality residential and commercial general contracting work.  

Dog Training

Barbara Jean Crehan is the owner of Really Special Animals based out of Weare NH.  She has been training and doing dog day care for my Frenchie Augie since he was a little puppy.  Highly recommend her! 


I'll admit, I am not the handiest person around the house.  My skillsets are in online marketing, not in fixing things around the house.  On many occasions I use a local handyman to help me get things done around the house.  Here are a couple handyman recommendations for you:  

Bob Boucher is owner of BSR Services and handles more complicated handyman activities.  He is a great guy and does great work!  

Ben Transportation Services LLC is another great option.  He does everything from small handyman tasks to transported junk etc.  

Honey Skin Care Products

A really cool company I got to know is called Beeline Skin Care based out of New Hampshire.  They offer a variety of natural honey skin care products made from Bees!  Very cool!  

Human Resources Consulting

There is a women-owned company in New Hampshire called Blue Lion LLC that specializes in outsourced Human Resources management.  They help small businesses with any HR issues in your business, formation of a properly formatted Employee Handbook, and proactive HR Consulting.  

HVAC – Heating and Cooling

As a NH home owner I have had personal experiences where my heating and cooling systems failed or weren't working properly.  Most recently, I had a hot water tank fail in my Concord home and I hired Josh Rose, owner of Comfort Matters Heating and Cooling to install a brand new hot water tank.  

I also highly recommend my client Devin Coleman, owner of Triumph Heating and Cooling!  Devin does great work and his company takes great care of their clients.  


If you need an Electrician for a residential or commercial job I have some great recommendations for you. 

Ryan Simard is owner of Tech Power Solutions based out of Manchester NH.  He has done some smaller electrician work at my house and was great to work with.  He and his team also do some awesome smart home work and security systems too!  

Matt Phillbrook is owner of Preferred Electrical Services and is a Concord NH based Electrician that does great work! 

Kitchen Cabinets / Kitchen Countertops 

If you are in the process of upgrading your kitchen then talking with Nick Hayes at Cal's should be on the top of your list.  We worked with him to get our NH kitchen countertops and to build a wonderful center island in our kitchen.  You can see Nick's site at (They have multiple locations in New Hampshire to visit).  


If you are looking for a great Concord NH landscaper then you should definitely talk to Kevin Clough, owner of K. Clough Landscape Design.  You can see his website at

Lawn Care / Turf Care Company 

Landscaping and Lawn care companies are different beasts.  A Landscaper will mow your grass but a lawn care company will make it green using various treatments and applications.  Justin Santos is owner of SGS Turf Care based out of Manchester NH and he does great work.  

Financial Advice / Banking Advice 

Money can be confusing.  Thankfully there are great resources the likes of Gordan Simmons Service Credit Union leader for over 41 years.  Gordon is a wealth of financial and banking knowledge and created a website to share his experience.  

You can also learn about Gordon Simmons Service Credit Union accomplishments at his other site.

Insurance Companies

If you are in need of Home, Automotive, or Business insurance I have some recommendations for you.  

Auto and Home insurance – Ben Russo from State Farm is great Concord NH insurance agent.   

Another alternative is Dicky Caplette from Gallant Insurance.  

Business insurance 

If you need commercial insurance then Scott Brown from Suncook Valley Insurance Services is a great guy to work with. Alice Young also offers Health Insurance through them.   

Renee Baylis is also a great business insurance agent that specializes in Farm Insurance for my agricultural friends.  

Massage Therapist

If you are looking for a Nashua NH massage therapist then I highly recommend Jeff Mahadeen and his team at Muscular Wellness Treatment Center. Their main location is in Bow NH aside from their second location in Nashua.  Jeff is an amazingly-experienced massage therapist and body worker.  

New Hampshire Information

If you love New Hampshire check out this website I run sharing things to do in New Hampshire!  

Mold Testing

My friend and client Joe Molloy is the owner of EOC Environmental a Mold and indoor Air quality testing.  If you are a home owner or business owner looking to find out if you have mold issues I definitely recommend him.    

Painting Contractor 

If you are looking for an interior and exterior painter in NH I definitely recommend Brian Searles owner of Reliable Coatings out of Hooksett NH.  Brian and his team do fabulous work!  

Paving Companies

If you are looking for a paving company in New Hampshire I have a couple great recommendations for you. 

First is a long term paving contact of mine Ron Shattuck owner of Shattuck Paving based out of Milford NH.  Ron and his team do great residential paving work and commercial paving work. They are a larger paving company and can handle big jobs too.  

If you are in northern NH then Porter Paving is a wonderful option to consider as well! 

If you are looking for a paving company in Kansas City MO the team at Bradley's Paving does GREAT work!   

Private School

If you are a looking for a wonderful NH boarding school Tilton School is a great option.  

Real Estate Agent / Realtor / Real Estate Investing

The housing market is in constant flux and whether you are buying or selling you need a quality realtor to help with the transaction.  Below are a couple realtor recommendations:  

Dawn Desruisseax is a Manchester NH based realtor and does a fabulous job representing her buyers and sellers.  

Scott MacFarland is also a Manchester NH realtor and he is also a real estate investor.  

The team at 603 Birch Realty is a great Concord NH based real estate brokerage and they have some great resources on their website including a list of houses for sales in Concord NH.  

Roofing Companies

NH has a lot of roofing companies and I know a fair amount of them that I am happy to recommend.  

Nick Small is owner of Pro Roofers NH and does a great job!  Definitely worth getting an estimate from.  

Ryan Allen is owner of Patriot Roofing based out of Goffstown NH and does a fabulous job for his clients.  

Siding and Windows Company

I recently had to go through the process of getting new windows installed in my house (the old ones were terrible!).  We used Universal Windows Direct based out of Manchester NH and they did a great job!  

They also do roofing too! 

Well Company

Epping Well and Pump is a great NH well pump company I recommend!

Please note these are recommendations from Kyle Battis and only represent my personal insights and feedback from trusted business I recommend.  

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