Lead Magnet Development

lead magnetOne of the most important keys to building a list of qualified prospects from the internet is having a lead magnet that positions you as the expert or trusted authority or… keeps you forever at the front of mind for your prospects when they’re ready to make a buying decision. A lead magnet can be almost anything and will definitely vary greatly from business to business, but there are a few things that have proven effective time and time again; Consumer Awareness Guides, Coupons, Giveaways and Contests and whitepapers are just a few. This package will help you dial in exactly which method will be most effective for your business and which one will tie in to your overall marketing strategy seamlessly.

Here’s what you’ll get with this package:

1. NH Strategic Marketing will look closely at your current (or planned), marketing strategy, and come up with a proposal for the perfect Lead Magnet. We’ll continue to refine our proposal until it’s a perfect fit for your company vision and our marketing expertise.

2. Then we’ll create, design and refine the actual lead magnet for you – completely. For any digital products, we’ll take care of setting up your site for delivery of the product (be it a Consumer Awareness Guide, Online Coupon Campaign etc.), and the only thing you’ll need to do is give us a thumbs up on the final product. If we decide on a physical item (like a DVD, CD or physical package), the only additional cost to you will be for the fulfillment of those physical goods. We’ll work with the printer and fulfillment company directly and take care of all the details so you can keep your focus where it’s needed.

3. For customers with existing follow-up systems that would like to have their lead magnet added to, we’ll even create a 3 email series that introduces the gift, delivers it and ‘sells’ the value of consuming it. For customers who are having us develop a new mini-site (dedicated lead capture site), for them, we’ll create all the forms, sequences and related technical elements to get this not only in the hands of their prospects – but consumed by their audience.

4. We will thoroughly test the system in all cases to make sure the prospect experience is seamless, and we’ll offer a strategic plan for turning your new lead magnet into more customers (and income), for your business. It’s all part of the package.

Discover How A Lead Magnet Can Help Your Business

Option 1Contact Us and Get pricing on this item – be sure to clarify in the contact form which item you want to learn more about.

Option 2 – Have my team and I conduct a full Business Breakthrough Blueprint Analysis to see how a custom made Lead Magnet (developed specifically for your business), fits into your overall online and offline presence and find out exactly what else you should be doing (and how to have it done for you by us). Click Here To Learn More