Migration To WordPress

wordpressOne of the biggest concerns we’ve heard time and time again from our newer clients is: “I just want a website I can manage!” In an effort to help free small business owners from the choking death grip of ‘Darth Webmaster’ we’ve developed the ‘Move To WordPress’ Package. *Please see notes below for the few items we’ll need to start this project.

Here’s what you’ll get with this package:

1. First we’ll do an assessment of your current Hosting package and see if it’s a good fit for your overall marketing strategy. If not, we’ll make some suggestions and even help move you to a more managable hosting service that you control. We don’t believe in holding websites for ransom like so many other Website Design companies out there.

2. Once we’re confident you’re on a solid platform, we’ll set up and install WordPress on your domain. WordPress is a content management platform that is solid, proven, and used and supported by millions of people across the. We run all of our sites on it, and our clients love it – you will too. It gives YOU control over your site and allows you to add and edit content (if you wish), without the help of a webmaster. It puts you back in a position of control over your website – which is where you want to be.

3. We’ll install an easy to use and customize theme for your new site and set up a dedicated ‘blog’ page for regular content

4. In an effort to maintain the look and feel of your current website, we’ll create a customized header and footer graphic (if required), and build that into the theme.

5. We’ll then port all of your existing content (with as few modifications as possible), over to your new CRM

6. Once everything is moved onto the new platform, we’ll test the system and then migrate the new site to your root domain – taking the other site offline in a nearly seamless fashion.

7. One of our account reps will then walk you through the process of adding and editing content on your site (in case you ever wanted to – many of our clients never even do this, but sometimes just knowing that you can is invaluable ;)

8. We’ll create a ‘what’s next’ action plan for you to get you clear on the next steps you need in order to turn your new site into a profit machine – and not just a business card.

Information we may need to get started:

  • Hosting account details (including admin login for adding and modifying databases etc.)
  • FTP details
  • Contact details for existing webmaster (optional)


Learn More About How Migrating To WordPress Can Help Your Business

Option 1Contact Us and Get pricing on this item – be sure to clarify in the contact form which item you want to learn more about.

Option 2 – Have my team and I conduct a full Business Breakthrough Blueprint Analysis to see how converting your website to use the WordPress platform fits into your overall online and offline presence and find out exactly what else you should be doing (and how to have it done for you by us). Click Here To Learn More