Mobile Site Design and Deployment

Mobile Marketing NHHaving a mobile friendly site has become more of a necessity, than a luxury – but very few businesses have optimized their mobile presence.  Here is an article that will talk about the importance of a Mobile website for your business.

If you’ve considered a mobile site for your business, then you may have been overwhelmed with all the discussion of dynamic, or responsive site design as opposed to dedicated mobile sites and all the choices in between. Well you’ll be happy to know that the team at NH Strategic Marketing has designed the perfect process for your.

Here’s How We Will Work With You To Create Your Mobile Optimized Website:

1. The first step in designing the perfect mobile site for your business, is to take a look at your existing site (your regular, non-mobile business website), and see what aspects of it are a good fit for mobile users. Mobile users definitely won’t have the same needs or behaviors as someone on a desktop – and your mobile site needs to serve the needs of these unique mobile users.

2. Next, we’ll design a blueprint for your Mobile Website outlining exactly what elements will be a good fit for your mobile presence.

3. We’ll then build out a mobile theme that is a congruent match for your existing branding and web presence.

4. If necessary, we’ll register a dedicated domain and set up hosting for your mobile site – or if it’s deemed to be a better fit, we’ll work with you to get the domain set up as a sub-domain on your existing site.

5. We’ll then work with you to get code installed on your existing site that will detect if a visitor is on a mobile device – and if they are will automatically redirect them to your mobile friendly website and guide them through a conversion path we’ll help you design. Your mobile site is not just a mobile friendly business card – absolutely not. Your mobile site will be designed as a marketing funnel, with clear goals and objectives that tie into your overall marketing strategy, and we’ll work closely with you to determine exactly what those goals are, and how we can make sure as many of your mobile visitors are completing them as possible. This is what will seperate your mobile presence from any of your competitors. Strategic Marketing funnels are our specialty here at NH Strategic Marketing, and you’ll soon see exactly what we mean…

6. Every Mobile Site System also includes: 1. Custom, mobile friendly graphics we design for your theme (or restructure from your existing site) 2. Click to call functionality that allows your mobile users to simply push a button to call you immediately 3. Mapping and direction functionality 4. Redirection to your main site for visitors who want to visit there 5. Social sharing functionality to allow visitors to easily share their experiences with friends 6. Monthly hosting 7. Monthly reporting and trends relating to your mobile site – and much more.

Information Needed From You:

  • Hosting account details for your current site – including admin login for adding and modifying databases, sub-domains etc.
  • FTP details for existing site
  • Contact details for existing webmaster (optional)

Learn More About A Mobile Site For Your Business

Option 1Contact Us and Get pricing on this item – be sure to clarify in the contact form which item you want to learn more about.

Option 2 – Have my team and I conduct a full Business Breakthrough Blueprint Analysis to see how the Mobile Website fits into your overall online and offline presence and find out exactly what else you should be doing (and how to have it done for you by us).  Click Here To Learn More