NH’s Trusted SEO Company Presents: The Ultimate SEO Package


Nobody really wants to get Braces they want straight teeth.  Braces are the route to getting straight teeth just as Search Engine Optimization is the key to getting more qualified leads from the internet.  A lot of SEO companies claim they can help you but I urge you to read this full article before hiring anyone to help your business with SEO.

We’re not your typical NH SEO Company…

The way to win online (in any market), is to put a high converting marketing funnel in front of more targeted prospects than any of your competitors.

That may sound overly simplistic – but I assure you… it’s the truth. There are a lot of ways to get visitors to your marketing funnel, but very few of them can alter a business as dramatically and permanently as a well planned SEO Campaign (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization).

If you’ve attempted to launch a strategic SEO campaign in the past, then you probably already know that SEO is a moving target – and it moves quickly and regularly! However… the team at NH Strategic Marketing has refined a proprietary process that gets results – plain and simple. Our process consists of steps that make sure you’re targeting the perfect ‘money keywords’ for your business – this is so critical, and where so many SEO ‘experts’ get it wrong – it’s not about volume of traffic, it’s about volume, relevance and a few other factors that mustn’t be overlooked – and we explain all of these lateral factors in detail with our ‘Ultimate SEO Package’ clients. In addition to targeting the right keywords, we make sure you’re getting the right content, in the right places (think audio, video, text, social interaction etc.), at the right time and frequency. Nothing about our process is left to chance, and that’s why it works – as you’ll see for yourself.

Here’s what our Ultimate SEO Package includes:

1. The first thing we do (and this is so critical), is to evaluate your marketing funnel. You can get your business in front of tens of thousands of visitors a day, but if there’s no marketing funnel designed to convert those visits into money for your business – or you can’t track the results of your efforts, then you could waste a lot of time, energy and money – and we simply won’t stand for that ;)

2. Once we’re confident we’ll be driving traffic to a system that meets your company’s objectives, we’ll start dialing in your business’s ‘money keywords’. These are the search queries your perfect clients are using when searching for your product or service. Using our set of proprietary tools and experience, we’ll figure out exactly where the bulk of your energy should be spent to drive the greatest result. Sure, we’ll develop a keyword strategy that expands over longer periods of time, but it’s critical that our initial efforts are all focused on the keywords and searches that are going to mean the most money to your business in the shortest period of time.

3. Ok, we’ve got a marketing funnel, and a set of ideal keywords – halfway there… The next thing we do is outline your Ultimate SEO Strategy. This includes determining exactly what type of content we’ll need to be creating and the schedule we’ll need to be releasing it on. It’s different for every business (as it should be), but we’ll take all of the guess work out of the equation for you and outline exactly what needs to be done, and how it’s all going to happen (on autopilot), for you. Let’s face it – you have a business to run, and we appreciate that – that’s why we take care of it for you.

4. These are the components of a typical Ultimate SEO Package – in other words, these are the ‘content’ pieces of your campaign – release schedule and channels will vary based on your plan:

a. One weekly content video with a targeted, focused description, released on pre-determined channels

b. One weekly article to be posted to your primary website

c. 5-10 weekly social posts across relevant channels. Social relevance is critically important to the success of any new SEO campaign. We offer coaching to your staff to manage this aspect of your campaign post launch, or we can arrange to have it done for you for an additional cost. Social content should be relevant, interesting, timely and about what’s ‘happening’ in your business every day.

d. Strategic backlink strategy. We will work to establish high quality backlinks for your site on a monthly basis. A minimum of 4 high quality backlinks a month. And just for context against what other ‘backlink offers’ you see online… one quality backlink is often times worth more that hundreds of ‘typical’ backlinks. The wrong backlinks can actually hurt your business – so quality is key.

e. This is huge: We’ll do a complete review of your existing site and help you tune (or re-tune), it so that it’s built to drive traffic for the keywords we uncovered during our intial discovery. This will have a huge impact on your overall results. This, in many cases, may mean re-working much of your on-site content, but once again – we’ll help you with this each step of the way so that you can focus on business – knowing the work is being done in the background, and that results are in the works.

f. A monthly Press Release is also part of every SEO Campaign we offer. When done right – and released through the correct channels, this can give you immediate spikes in search engine results that will boost your long term gains.

Again, these are just a few of the components that NH Strategic Marketing utilizes for our clients successful SEO campaigns. There are a number of additional proprietary systems and services we include that get results – plain and simple.

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