Profitable Keyword Research and Discovery

keyword analysisThis package will allow you to dial in your most profitable keywords and steadily overtake your competitors in organic search results. We do require answers to a few simple questions before kickstarting this game changing project – see below*

Here’s what you’ll get as deliverables from this project:

1. Our suggestions (using proprietary tools and experience), of the most effective keywords your online efforts should be focused on to drive not only traffic, but more importantly, profits for your business

2. Your current rankings for each of those keywords across Google, Yahoo and Bing

3. A solid plan on which keywords are most important for you to focus on first and how to tackle them

4. A detailed graphical report to make understanding the data a breeze. This report will include data on the following:

a. Visibility Report by individual Search Engine (and totals)
b. Top Keyword Rankings overview
c. Ranking Details by Individual Keyword across Google, Yahoo and Bing

5. A video report outlining our discoveries and suggestions for initiating your keyword strategy

*Required Questions For Client
1. Your primary website:
2. What is the core purpose of your business (1-3 sentences):
3. Who do you feel are your 3 biggest local competitors?
4. What do you feel are the top 5 search terms your ideal customers would type in to find you?
5. Are you currently using Google Analytics on your site? If so, please provide login details to your account rep.

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Option 2 – Have my team and I conduct a full Business Breakthrough Blueprint Analysis to see how our keyword research and discovery systems can laser focus the direction of your online presence and results (and find out exactly what else you should be doing – and how to have it done for you if you choose). Click Here To Learn More