Southern NN University Inbound Marketing Presentation Downloads

Kyle-blackshirtHello friends,

I had a lot of requests for Downloads of the Slides. The files were soooooo big they wouldn’t send via email so I set up this hidden page for you.

Just Right Click and “Save Target As” and save them to your computer. It is a large PDF file that you can scan through.

Slides for Presentation #1 – Get More Customers From The Internet

Slides for Presentation #2 – The Four R’s To Growing Your Business

Slides for Presentation #3 – Local & Mobile Visibility

Slide for Presentation #4 – Facebook Advertising

If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to ask and of course, I invite you to grab a Free Ebook and my Free Weekly Newsletter by filling out the form to the right after you have downloaded the Slides (you’ll also get my free weekly newsletter where I share great marketing tips for your business).

Thanks again for attending!!


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