Google Remarketing To Get More Leads and Increase Sales

I want to show you how you can use Google Remarketing To Get More Leads and Increase Sales.  Let me ask you: What if you could continue to promote to people that came to your website once, but weren't ready to make a buying decision? What if your advertisement could show up all over the Internet wherever that interested prospect was browsing, including major sites like CNN, Fox News, YouTube, and more.

You must understand that the vast majority of the people who visit your website aren't ready to make a buying decision which means most of the money you invest into other forms of advertising that get people to your website are wasted if you aren't taking advantage of the trick I will show you today.

Google Remarketing knows who that visitor is, and will display your ads to them, even after they leave your site. Google Remarketing knows what products and services your visitors look at on your site. After they leave, Remarketing continues to show them ads of the products or services they're interested in.

This keeps your business ‘top of mind' and you stay in the conversation that's going on in your prospect's mind, without having to lift a finger.

How Does Google Remarketing Work?

98% of people visiting any given website at any time will leave the site without purchasing anything.  Fact.  Repetition is very important in advertising.  In fact, some research says it takes 7-12 touches before a prospect will make a buying decision.

The natural tendencies of the consumers is that they'll eventually buy something IF they see it over and over again and it’s something they are interested in.

This is why Remarketing is one of the most effective ways of getting you more Leads and increasing sales.

Remarketing is like a Boomerang that gets people coming back to re-engage with your business.

While other forms of marketing get people to first visit your website Remarketing provides amazing leverage because it get the vast majority who don't make an immediate decision to work with you to COME BACK.

Remarketing takes note of each and every visitor who lands on your website.  A ‘Cookie' is placed on their computer and in essence it “remembers” the visitor and then follows them to the next website and serves them with another advertisement from your company, giving them more incentive to return to your website and purchase.

Do you think this can work in your business?

Check out some of these benefits of using Remarketing in your business.


  1. Your company seems very large in your potential customers eyes, which adds credibility.  You can show up on site like FoxNews.com, CNN.com, Yahoo.com, etc.
  2. It bands your company image and message into the mind of potential customers as they shop around.
  3. It’s been proven to bring up to 30% extra business and requires almost no upkeep to run.
  4. Bring back shoppers who placed items in their cart but did not buy – select visitors who shopped specific categories before abandoning their carts
  5. Help close the deal for tentative comparison shoppers – setup your custom list using visitor segments, check how many visitors are on your list, and then activate a campaign on the GDN to show ads highlighting top reviews for the products they viewed/compared
  6. Retain customers who have made a purchase in the past – target customers who have spent more than $500 in the last 30 days and offer them a free gift with purchase
  7. Win new customers in your target market – narrow your list to include Northern California visitors who have watched one of your latest videos
  8. Remarketing Delivers a 300-400% Conversion Rate Boost (compared to standard ads based on Google 2012 data)
  9. Achieve a Lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and Higher CTR (Click Through Rate)
  10. Expand your reach and influence users to return to your website (re-engage lost customers)
  11. Connect with exactly the right customers using rich online insights
  12. Deliver targeted GDN (Google Display Network) ads based on your specific customer segments
  13. Reach more than two million websites on the GDN


Google Analytics tracking code now has built-in compatibility for remarketing. This means that websites using Google Analytics will now only require one tracking code, rather than two.

What Makes Remarketing So Effective?

It targets only the people who directly have an interest in your service, and follows them around while they think about which company to use, which impacts their mind with your brand or service, increasing the chance they come back. 98% of all visitors don’t buy, on average; remarketing has been known to increase the recapture rate of visitors by up to 30%!


If you would like to learn more about Remarketing and if its a good fit for your business I am happy to set up a Free Meeting with you to discuss this. You can reach us here.


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