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How To Get HVAC Leads

Generate HVAC Leads

Getting your HVAC business showing up in front of the right people online can be a challenge. If you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing, you’re likely to spend too much time and money getting your business showing up and generating leads. This is why many HVAC contractors use shared lead services when it comes to getting leads for their business. 

What many businesses don’t realize is that these services only have an average conversion rate of 10-20%. This means that for every 10 leads you get from these services, you’re likely only getting 1 or 2 to use your services and are therefore paying for 8-9 leads that don’t generate any money for you. That’s not a great business model. 

Many times, these leads turn into a game of phone tag, or, if you’re not the first person to get in touch with them, a competitor reaches the client first and is able to score the job. 

You might be wondering “what is there besides these shared lead services for HVAC contractors?” That’s what we’re here to tell you – there’s a different system that works, and works better, to generate leads for your HVAC company; and that’s the Inbound Service Leads system, which has an average conversion rate of 40-70%.

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How To Generate HVAC Leads

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How To Generate HVAC Leads

Getting leads for your HVAC business is the first step in creating a successful company. There are a lot of different ways to generate leads, and every business should use multiple channels if they want to get ahead. In order for any method or channel to work, you have to get in front of your prospective customers, ideally at the exact moment that they’re searching for the services you offer. 

If you’re properly managing your advertising campaigns and your online presence, then your business should be showing up at the very  top of search when your prospective customers are searching for things like “HVAC Contractor near me.”

Why is it important to show up at the top of search?

Showing up in the top of the search results is important because the business in the top spot gets more clicks than the second and third spot businesses combined. Plus, the business that’s showing up in the top spot typically pays less per click than the other two. Yep, you read that right – the business with the best placement, can actually pay less than their competition!

What does this mean for your HVAC business? It means that if you properly leverage your advertising campaigns – meaning targeting the right keywords, the right geographic area, and the right people – not only will you see an increase in the number of leads coming in for your business, but you’ll pay less per lead than your competitors.

We Do The Marketing, You Do The HVAC Job

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Inbound Service Leads program for HVAC contractors can help you increase the quality, and number of leads you get from your online marketing investment – then book a time to chat with a member of our team.

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How To Get Commercial HVAC Leads

While residential HVAC leads are important to many HVAC businesses' success, commercial HVAC leads are an even more important piece for businesses that offer these services. Those bigger jobs make up a great portion of some businesses, and getting them can often be not only challenging, but very expensive. 

Like residential HVAC leads, the trick to getting commercial HVAC leads is to make sure that your business is showing up first when someone is looking for options in your area. This means creating a specific portion of your campaign that focuses on getting in front of people looking for commercial HVAC contractors in your area.

Shared HVAC Leads vs. Inbound Exclusive HVAC Leads

Shared lead services are often the first lead generation system that businesses use. This is because they’re usually the first services that people learn about when they’re looking to generate more HVAC leads. Even if you aren’t looking for a lead service, these services spend millions of dollars on outreach and their salespeople are very good at their job. More often than not, contractors say “sure, I’ll give it a shot” without really looking into other options. 

Shared lead services certainly can generate leads. The leads come in and, on average, 10-20% of those turn into paying customers. But when you look at this in a “big picture” sense, it means that you’re losing 80-90% of the leads to your competitors. That’s not a great way to run, or grow, a business. 

When you generate exclusive inbound leads using a trusted system, and the correct methods, you’re likely to see a conversion rate of 40-70%. With 4-7x the number of paying customers, which are converting at a lower cost, you’re able to grow your business and increase your profitability.

Diagram showing how shared lead services for concrete contractors work.

How Shared HVAC Lead Systems Work

Shared lead services are the most popular lead generation system for home service providers. Not because they’re the best option, but because they’re the most known. Many times, contractors don’t actually know how these services work, they simply know that they get the leads and that some of those turn into paying customers. 


But, in order to understand why the conversion rate on these leads is only 10-20%, you have to understand how these services work. Below is a step by step breakdown of how these systems work to generate leads for your HVAC company.

Of the leads that are purchased, typically (based on feedback we’ve received from many of our contractors who used to use the services), only 10-20% convert, meaning that you and your team typically waste time chasing down the others trying to get them to convert into paying customers.

How Inbound Service Leads Works To Generate HVAC Leads

Inbound Service leads was created for the sole purpose of helping home service businesses grow and increase their profitability. So many businesses rely on shared lead services, but at the end of the day, those marketing dollars should be spent growing your business and getting your brand out there – not promoting someone else’s. 

Inbound Service Leads work in the background to get your brand out there and grow your business. This means that your prospective customers don’t associate the service you provide with our brand at all. So when you do a great job and they want to recommend you, they’re able to recommend your business directly. 

Here’s how the Inbound Service Leads system works:

Diagram showing how Inbound Service Leads system works to generate concrete leads.
Computer tracking the results of marketing for concrete contractors.

How To Track The Quality Of Your HVAC Leads

Tracking is one of the most crucial pieces for any marketing system. If you’re not tracking where your leads are coming from, you’re not able to accurately make decisions about how to spend your marketing dollars since you have no idea what’s actually working. 

When Inbound Service Leads creates a marketing system for HVAC contractors, we track every single lead, so you know that your marketing dollars are being spent on actually growing your business.

Next Steps To Generate More Viable HVAC Leads

If you’re looking to grow your HVAC business and generate more residential HVAC leads, commercial HVAC leads, or exclusive HVAC leads in general, book a time to chat with a member of our team. Not only will we review your business and tell you how you could be advertising your company to grow, but we’ll complete a market analysis and tell you how to become the top roofing company in your area.

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