How a Portrait Photographer Booked 3 New Clients With a Facebook Video Ad (and Generated $10,000 In Income)

How a Portrait Photographer Booked 3 New Clients With a Facebook Video Ad (and Generated $10,000 In Income)

I came across this Facebook Video Ad success story on the Animoto website and it is the perfect example of how a small business can use a simple Facebook video ad to promote their business.

You don’t need a fancy Facebook video ad with high quality video shot with a professional videographer – quite the contrary actually.  We have found simple slideshow Facebook video ads like this one work VERY well.

Watch the video I shot below then take a look at the video ad on the Animoto website:  

Facebook Video Ad Tips:  

  • Video gets three times the engagement of other content on Facebook so using a video is a great idea to get the attention of your customers
  • Since videos on the desktop and mobile news feed autoplay, you have 3 seconds to catch the attention of that Facebook user and convince users to watch your video. You don’t need a long intro or animated logo. You want to engage people immediately so they don’t keep scrolling.  
  • There’s no point in doing an ad if there’s no compelling offer for your call to action.  Create an offer your target audience can’t resist. Then be clear and succinct with the text and doesn’t have to be in the video itself.  I like to put the offer in the text that shows above the video.

See The Facebook Video Ad This Photographer Used To Get $10,000 Worth Of Business:

Visit the post on the Animoto Website to see the simple video the photographer used to generate some serious business.

Here is the link to the Animoto Website

Pretty simple Facebook video ad right?

If you would like to talk about how we can help you get your small business promoted on Facebook with a simple video ad then click here and let’s talk.

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