Quikloc Website Redesign

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Example of the Quickloc site after their website redesign project with NH Strategic Marketing

Quikloc Website Redesign

Back in 2004, QuikLoc created a website and hadn’t updated the design since then. That’s where we came in. QuikLoc approached us for a website redesign because they knew a functioning, modern design would not only attract more customers, it would attract better quality customers. 

Their old website was dated, not secure and it wasn’t mobile responsive. They wanted their website to attract more visitors organically, and to get those visitors to choose them over their competition. They also wanted their new (and existing), customers to be able to purchase directly form the website, by adding e-commerce functionality.   

After speaking with various digital marketing agencies, QuikLoc chose NH Strategic Marketing to bring their new website into reality. And boy, were we excited!

Mobile Responsive, Mobile Responsive, Mobile Responsive

With 60-70% of all traffic coming from mobile devices like tablets and phones, it was important to get the website to look great and function perfectly on any device. This was a big part of updating their website. We made sure their new design looked great across desktops, tablets, and most importantly, phones.  

Various screens of the Quickloc site after their website redesign project.

Professional Photography and Storytelling Video

Upgrading the look and feel of your website goes deeper than just the layout of the design. The images and video your site features speaks volumes to your customers. What’s that old adage? A picture is worth a thousand words.

So we used two powerful tools: Professional Photography and Storytelling Video.  

We visited their facility in Lincoln NH, learned how they made their products, and took a couple of   boxes back to professionally photograph them. These photos significantly added to the look and feel of their website.

While the photos were in progress, we had our video production team shoot three different videos which rightfully positioned QuikLoc as the experts they are in their field. These three videos combined with the professional photographs seriously improved the look and feel of their website. 


Why does that matter? Because you want to make an excellent first impression on your customer. On average, people spend about 45 seconds on your site before making a decision to buy your product or move on to another company. Video is a powerful way to relay a message quickly and effectively.

E-Commerce With WooCommerce

Since the early 2000’s the Quikloc team only ever received orders over the phone and via email.  They wanted to leverage the growing power of E-commerce to provide a newer and easier way for their valued customers to be able to purchase their products directly through their website.  

We decided to use the combination of WordPress and WooCommerce to give them this enhanced ecommerce functionality.  We uploaded each of their products to the back office and gave them a new way to get orders from their customers. The NH Strategic Marketing team made sure everything worked perfectly then trained the QuikLoc team how to handle their online orders.  

How well did it work? QuikLoc got their first online order the day we went live. Seriously. We jumped up and down in excitement to celebrate with them on their first online order!

Logo for WooCommerce, the platform used for the Quickloc website redesign project.

Seamless Email Migration to G Suite

g suite email set up

So now that the website looks great, functions well, and got its first online order, it was time to talk about email. QuikLoc had email deliverability issues in the past that they wanted to solve. Our team helped seamlessly migrate their email accounts to the G Suite platform where they now enjoy a better, smoother email experience.

What About Your Website?

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What are you looking to achieve?

Like we said, we love working with small business like YOU.

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