The Importance Of A Marketing Funnel

Create A Marketing Funnel For Your Business And Keep It Full

Years ago, a mentor of mine said “Never let your head hit your pillow at night without doing something to grow your business” and those are words that every business owner should live by. The best way to grow your business, starts with learning to keep your marketing funnel full. In doing so, you’ll find that your business is able to more consistently remain busy and keep generating new customers.

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What Is A Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel, or a sales funnel, is a marketing strategy that lays out the journey that a consumer will take on their way to purchasing a service or product from your business. The funnel outlines every step of the process from when the prospect first learns about your business until the moment that they complete their purchase. In understanding how this funnel works, and how long consumers typically stay in each stage, a business owner is able to employ strategies that allow them to have a continual flow of new business.

Breakdown of a marketing funnel
First step of a marketing funnel is awareness, which has the most people in it.

Step One: Awareness

The first step in a marketing funnel is Awareness. This is where a lot of your marketing dollars will go, because this is where you first get in front of prospective customers. Most businesses feed the top of their funnel using tools like social media posts, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. These tools allow you to get in front of people who may not have otherwise been aware of your brand. 

Using the targeting tools that these platforms have, your business can start to get on the radar of people who may not have otherwise known about you. The awareness stage of your marketing funnel normally involves multiple “touches” – which just means that you need to show up a few times before prospects take notice. Once you’ve built awareness, the next phase of your marketing funnel is the Interest stage.

Step Two: Interest

The second stage of the marketing funnel is interest. This stage of the funnel is crucial because it’s one that most people are in for a significant amount of time, especially for larger purchases. This is where you really have to prove to your prospects that you’re the right solution to their problem. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, you still have to convince a person that they need what you’re selling. 

So, how do you keep your potential customers aware and spark their interest in your company? You launch a strong and compelling remarketing campaign. Using your remarketing campaign, you can keep top of mind for your busy prospects.

While they’re scrolling social media or online, they’re seeing your business everywhere. 

It’s especially important to be running paid social media campaigns, as organic posts get very little traction nowadays. 

What many people don’t realize is that it can take quite a while for your prospects to turn into paying customers. On average, it takes a person 7 times seeing your business in order for them to take action and reach out to you.

This means that prospects can stay in the Awareness stage for quite some time, before moving to the next stage of your marketing funnel – the Decision stage.

Step two in a marketing funnel is interest, which has a few less people than step one.
Step three in a marketing funnel is decision, which has a few less people than step two.

Step Three: Decision

This phase of the funnel is one step closer to the prospect making a purchase, but will still require some nurturing. At this point, your prospect is in need of your goods or services and they have to be convinced that you’re a good choice. 

During this stage, your prospects are still seeing your retargeting campaigns – but they build upon previous ads to provide more proof, and more value – which leads to confidence that you’re the best choice to help with their current need.  

It’s important to have an extremely strong and compelling advertising strategy to move your prospects to the point of making the decision to choose your business over your competitors – and to buy!

Step Four: Action

This phase of your marketing funnel is where your prospect turns into a paying customer. This is when they finally complete the purchase or book their services and they actually turn into paying customers. 

Just because they’ve completed their purchase, doesn’t mean you should stop working this lead. These customers are still valuable to your business. They can provide reviews and referral that are going to be vital to adding more prospects to your funnel and help your business continue to grow and be successful.

The final step in a marketing funnel is action, which has less people than each of the previous steps.

Ways To Keep Your Marketing Funnel Full

Many of our clients ask us “how do I generate leads for my business” and our answer is always the same. First and foremost, you have to be running an optimized marketing campaign. This can consist of tools such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Local SEO, and more. No matter which tool you’re using, you have to be sure that you’re tracking the results so that you know what works and where you should be focusing your marketing dollars and efforts. 

In addition to those paid channels, you can do a few other things to keep people in your marketing funnel, and to help move them through the funnel.

Kyle Battis, Co-Founder of NH Strategic Marketing.

Next Steps To Keep Your Marketing Funnel Full

If you’re looking for help in keeping your marketing funnel full, book a time to chat with a member of our team. We’ll take a look at your business and your competitors to see where there are opportunities for you to come out ahead.

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