3 Three Pillars of Business

One of my mentors recently talked about a concept called “The 3 Pillars of Business” and I wanted to share a take away I had on it (one that I hope will help you find more success in your own business).

Here is the concept in a nutshell:  EVERY business has 3 Pillars to it and ALL must be strong in order for you business to be successful.

Makes sense right?

Here are the 3 Pillars of Business: 

1.  Prospecting / Marketing

2.  Sales

3.  Fulfillment

Let me break these down for you.  (And, after a quick breakdown, I’ll share a very important idea for you)…

PILLAR 1 – Prospecting / Marketing is how people find out about your business.

It could be word of mouth, going door to door, advertising on Google, etc.

Some methods are better than others, some are scaleable, and ideally they don’t require you doing manual labor to get more people attracted to your business.   

(Most of my clients are too busy to be doing manual prospecting because they are serious about growth).

PILLAR 2 – Sales

Next up is Sales.

Once somebody finds out about your business you then have to convince them that YOU are the right person to hire to help them.

(Having a good answer to the question “Why should I do business with you over somebody else?” really helps with this).  No need to be a slick sales guy either, real sales is about helping people, not tricking them into something they don’t want and will regret.

(Hint:  having a strong marketing / prospecting pillar helps make sales a heck of a lot easier as you have a steady steam of new and interested prospects attracted to your business every week).

PILLAR 3 – Fulfillment

Finally there is the pillar of Fulfillment.

This is simply what you DO for your customers or clients.  (Ie. Landscaping, lawn maintenance, etc).

Having the proper equipment to do a good job is necessary and having the SKILL of doing a great job at fulfillment is, of course, vitally important (so your happy customers will want to refer even more customers to you).


Let me ask you – which Pillar is your Strongest Pillar?

Are you good at sales?

Are you great at your trade and deliver an excellent product?

Alright, so those are the 3 Pillars BUT here is a BIG question to ask yourself seriously:

Here’s the BIG question….

-> Which Pillar is the WEAKEST Pillar in your business?  <-

Are you weak in attracting New people to your business?

Are you not good at closing new prospective leads into customers?     

Are you not strong in delivering a quality product or service?

An interesting exercise is to rate your business on a scale of 1 to 10 for EACH pillar (1 is the weakest, 10 is the strongest).    


Rate yourself on this scale and if you see if have one pillar where you are weakest.

It’s been said that you’re only as strong as the weakest link in your chain and the same is true of these pillars.

If your business is propped up on two solid pillars and one really weak one what do you think that means for your overall business success?

Typically there is one Pillar where you need to focus on strengthening in order to bring your business to another level.

A smart business mentor of mine once advised his students to “Focus on the problem that is.”

I can’t tell you how many landscapers I have talked with that will go invest in getting a brand new riding lawnmower, buy a new truck, but they have ZERO new leads for their business coming in each and every week, not to mention having no idea where their next job is coming from…

They are investing in things that won’t help strengthen the weakest pillar in their business.

The new mower and new truck WON’T solve “the problem that is” for your business if no one knows you’re alive and can help them solve their landscaping needs.

Look, if you’re not good at the Fulfillment Pillar I’m not the guy to talk to…


If you aren’t getting a steady flow of new leads to your business each and every month then you should probably reach out to me for a consultation.

To your success,

Kyle Battis
NH Strategic Marketing

About Kyle

Kyle Battis has been involved in advertising and marketing for over 14 years. He has a background in Direct Marketing, Online Media Buying commanding $150,000 per Month Ad budgets, Live Presentations, and has extensive experience designing Marketing Funnels that make money. He has been part of ‘Start-ups,’ been the Director of Marketing at $8 Million/Year companies, $15 Million/Year companies, and has helped coach his clients to Double and even triple their business. Kyle is also the chief presenter of the NH Strategic Marketing live events and online events. During these events, Kyle takes business owners of all sizes and their teams on a crash course through the NH Strategic Marketing 8-Step Perfect Customer System. The NH Strategic Marketing Program is a complete marketing system unlike anything you’ve ever seen. This marketing system has helped many businesses become the #1 company in their local market and it is based on principles that have been proven in over 350 industries. The exclusive NH Strategic Marketing Program combines some of the best elements of proven marketing systems and strategies to help you control your market. Kyle is also an author, coach, speaker, product creator, membership site manager, and has trained over 3,000 entrepreneurs in all 50 states and in over 40 countries on how to grow their businesses using the internet. Kyle lives in Concord, New Hampshire with his wife and English Bulldog Noble.

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