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One of the strategies my team and I implement for our clients is to own the front page of Google.  Just think, most home owners who need to hire someone are going to Google and doing a search there for help.  

They are clicking on the links that show up on the front page…  

If you’re NOT on the front page, guess what, you’re not going to get calls.  

I always joke and tell my clients the best place to hide evidence of a crime is on Page 2 of Google BECAUSE NO ONE WILL EVER GO THERE!!  ;-) 

In an ideal world, you would OWN the front page for key search terms.  

You want your business represented in as many spots as possible on the front page of Google for a given keyword phrase.  

Here are a few ways you can own spots on the Front Page:  

1.  PAID GOOGLE ADS – This is by far the most effective piece of the ‘own the page’ strategy.  It is ​the fastest way to the front page of Google and is the #1 tool in our toolbox to ​attract new customers for our clients.  

For our clients we run paid lead generation campaigns we are generating 30-90 leads a month just from the paid ads (depends on the budget and their goals).  ​​

There are many mistakes people make when trying to run Google Ads for themeselves (driving to their website instead of a high-converting landing page, trying to ‘set it and forget it’ with their AdWords, and more).  

​​If you really want results from Google AdWords then ​​​​​you must do it the right way… Let
me know if you want to talk and I can share some insights.  ​​

2.  GOOGLE MAPS RESULTS – This is also a great way to get leads from the front page of Google but, only 3 businesses will show up in the Google Maps search results.  If you want to show up in this section of the page then a few things need to happen:  

A.  You have to let Google know your business exists (I see SOOO many businesses that have never even claimed their page).  Guess what?  If you don’t claim your Google Business page Google will NOT show you on the front page ever. 

B.  Optimize Your Google Listing – There are a few tricks we have up our sleeve to optimize a Google listing and if you want to show up in the search results ensuring your listing is fully maxed out, you have good photos uploaded, a good description, property categories, to name a few completed.  

C.  ​​Update your business information across the Internet so Google is more likely to show you in the ​​​​search results.  There are hundreds of websites across the Internet that list small businesses and Google relies on many of these to verify their own search results. 

​​Getting your business listing info synced across the Internet is essential if you want to show up in the search results. (We have a service that can help with this).  

D.  Get Customer Reviews – Once you’ve done the steps above, now you need to do great work, take care of your customers, and then ask them for their feedback.  When they say that you did great invite them to leave a Review for you.  

Online reviews are the NEW word of mouth marketing.  

HINT:  Google also looks at the reviews people post and you may be more likely to show up in certain keyword searches because of the feedback from your customers. 

3.  WEBSITE RESULTS – ​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​
​​​​​​​Finally towards the bottom of the page are the organic search results usually displaying websites that rank for certain keyword terms.  While this can take a long time to rank for you can get decent traffic from this approach.  

​​Having a well-built website with good content can go a long way to helping attract more clients.  A big mistake I see a lot of people making is building their own site on WIX or Godaddy and thinking that it will rank well in Google.  


If you want your website to actually show up in Google it’s not just making a site that looks good.  What is ‘under the hood’ matters a LOT.  

My team and I don’t build websites but there is a way to get a site made quickly and inexpensively that Google does approve of (reply to this if you want to learn more about that). 

There you have it…

Those are 3 ways you can ‘Own the Page’ in Google.  

​​The paid ads are our preferred method followed by the Google Maps results.  If you need help with those just contact me and we can schedule a time to chat.  

Hope to talk with you soon!

Kyle Battis
NH Strategic Marketing

PS – What are your thoughts on this?  Is your business showing up one the front page of Google when people search for keywords related to what you do?  If not contact us and let’s chat.  

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