Here are 5 tips to be more visible in Google.  This will help your business stand out in Google and show up when prospective customers are searching for a business like yours.

#1. CLAIM THE GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGE LISTING FOR YOUR BUSINESS – This is Free, fast, relatively easy to do, yet many businesses have never done this. If you want to show up in the Google Maps listings (you definitely want to) then you need to claim your business by following the simple instructions here. Most often Google will mail a postcard with a Pin code to your business address and you need to enter it to prove to Google it’s your business. (Note: My team and I can help you with this).

#2. GET CUSTOMER REVIEWS – We are all programmed to look at what others have said about your business online. It’s one of the first things we do when looking up a business.

Once your have claimed your page you will want to start asking your customers “How did we do?” The ones that are happy I highly recommend asking that they share that same feedback on your Google page. You have to keep asking all the time to get reviews. Your first milestone should be to get 5 good reviews as fast as possible. Once you get 5 you will get a star rating in Google which will make you stand out even more. Then keep asking your customers and aim to get more than all your local competitors. It will help, trust me… Never stop getting reviews – you can never have enough great reviews. (If you get value from what I’m sharing I’d appreciate you Googling “NH Strategic Marketing” and hooking me up) ;-)

#3. GET YOUR N.A.P. INFORMATION “MATCHY MATCHY” – Now that your Google Business page has been claimed and the information optimized, you should then continue to help Google out by making the N.A.P. information (business NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER) match what is on your Google biz page. You will be able to help Google help you by making sure all your business information is all “Matchy Matchy” across the inter webs. I can help you see where your business is right now by running a free report for your business.

#4. FIX YOUR WEBSITE – You do have a website for your business right? Ok phew… Now make sure it’s Mobile friendly. More than 60% + of all Internet traffic is from people on Smart phones so if your site sucks on Mobile you need to get that fixed. In this day and age you have to think MOBILE. Chances are you may be reading this on a Mobile phone – am I right? ;-)

***If you don’t have a website don’t worry Google has a super fast and easy way to get your business online with a website. I can tell you more about that.

#5. INVEST IN GROWTH – Ok if you have all of the above done, you have a marketing budget, and your business meets certain criteria you could be a good candidate for Google AdWords. It’s a great way to grow your business by paying Google for even more exposure. Google AdWords isn’t for all businesses but I’ve had the privilege of helping many small businesses get less small through well-crafted Google AdWords campaigns.

Hopefully you found these 5 tips helpful – If you want to chat and see if my team and I can help grow your business go to this link and you can book a quick 15-minute call with me to discuss: –> Click Here To Book a Call

Best regards,

Kyle Battis
NH Strategic Marketing

PS – If you are a business owner and DON’T have a Google business page or website you should absolutely contact me so we can help you get this fixed.

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