St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas For Your Business

st. patrick's day logoThemed Holiday promotions have worked for businesses of all shapes and sizes for ages.  Part of the reason is that you are tapping into the mindset of your customers and entering into the conversation going on in their minds.  With St. Patrick’s Day approaching quickly, I thought I’d share some simple ideas to market your small business in a fun and interesting way.

With that, here are some sample St. Patrick’s Day marketing ideas

  • Run a St. Patrick Day “Luck of The Irish” Contest – No matter what kind of business you are in you might consider running a holiday themed contest for your customers and even for your staff.  Reward random “lucky” customers (such as the 15th or 50th customer of the day with a random prize) with a free add-on, gift certificate for future purchase, or even some promotional items like a special t-shirt or other St. Patrick’s Day swag.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Trivia – Another idea is to hold a “Lucky Trivia Contest” on your Facebook Fan Page or in-store for your local business.  Quiz contestants as to St. Patrick’s Day trivia, trivia about your products or services, trivia about your community or other specific St. Patrick’s Day topics. Let contestant’s answers be the basis for a sweepstakes entry and reward one lucky drawing winner with a grand prize.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this for it to be fun, interesting, and very effective.  A contest like this also gives you a great “Reason-Why” to advertise your business to the local media.
  • Create St. Patrick’s Themed Content For Your Website and For Social Media Part of being successful in Social Media is ‘being social.’  Another idea is to create fun content specifically about or related to the St. Patrick’s Day holiday (like this blog post article for example).  You can create a simple You Tube video with a fun Irish music playing in the background where you and your staff are doing something funny.  Encourage your staff to ‘dress up’ for the Holiday and you can take a photo of one of you or one of your employees wearing Green or St. Patrick’s Day apparel.  Just be fun and engaging and it will be very ‘shareable’ content on Facebook.

  • Use a St. Patrick’s Day Themed Logo on Your Website or Fan Page – Just like Google does, you can temporarily change your logo, social media avatars or other online imagery to reflect upcoming holidays; in this case, St. Patrick’s Day by changing colors to green or adding shamrocks or other St. Patrick’s Day imagery.  For example, I paid a graphic designer on a website called Fiverr (a site where people will do all kinds of things for $5 dollars) to make a St. Patrick’s day version of our logo (see below).  You can do this and all kinds of other simple and inexpensive touches using this site.   Check out’s St. Patrick’s Day related Gigs by clicking here

st. patrick's day logo

  • Make a St. Patrick’s Day Themed JibJab Video – JibJab is a fun and easy way to make a simple St. Patrick’s Day themed video guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of your customers.  To learn more about how to make a video like the one below for your business visit 

  • Do a St. Patrick’s Day Themed Referral Promotion – While some of the ideas I have shared so far may not be right for every business, this is one I think any business can take advantage of.  For this promotion, first create a list of your top clients and/or referring business partners.  Then send them an unexpected St. Patrick’s Day themed card in the mail just thanking them for their business (or referrals) and asking if they know of anyone else that would be a good fit for your services.  You can also enhance this offer if you have the budget by giving them a small gift (perhaps a gift certificate to a Local Irish Pub or perhaps you and your staff could make something creative like these St. Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas).

    St. Patrick's Day gift ideas

  • st. patrick's day marketingShare St. Patrick’s Day Recipes – Share links to St. Patrick’s day recipes and traditions on your social media, in your newsletter, in your business, and on your blog. Suggest unusual, unique St. Patrick’s Day gifts. Make your own line of St. Patrick’s Day cards to be used in conjunction with your gift certificates.  There is no limit to the creative promotions  that you can use in conjunction with the Holiday.

Hopefully one or more of these ideas is helpful for you and your business!

Wishing you a little ‘luck of the Irish’ in your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day promotion!


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