Two Marketing Mistakes I See Business Owners Make All The Time

Today I want to share two big mistakes I see business owners make over and over that leads to unpredictable seasons and lower sales than they should have.

If you want to remove all doubt and KNOW that your business will grow year after year then pay close attention to what I am going to share.

Mistake #1 – Not Having a Marketing Funnel

Just in case you aren't familiar with the concept of a Marketing Funnel, let me give you a simple definition:

A marketing funnel (or sales funnel), is a process through which you move prospects from being unaware of your products or services, to being a customer for your business.

It's a simple but POWERFUL idea for any business but most don't have any predictable marketing system to predictably get new customers month after month.

Building a marketing funnel will help you to create more customers and that's exactly what we do for our Lead Driver clients.

Just having a proven marketing funnel isn't enough though…

Mistake #2 = Not Constantly Feeding the Top of The Funnel

Just because you have a marketing system isn't enough, you have to constantly “feed the machine” in order for it to produce new customers month after month.

One of my marketing mentors Dan Kennedy says he doesn't let his head hit the pillow without doing something to feed the top of the funnel every single day.

When and if you ever stop feeding the top of the funnel business will dry up eventually.

This is a HUGE mistake I see business owners make all the time.

They say, “I'm too busy right now to market” only to find out a month or couple months later that they have nothing lined up for the future.

The go from feast to famine.

They go from making good money to making no money at all.

They scurry around when they realize that they have no new leads, no jobs lined up, nothing.

The fix for this – NEVER stop feeding the top of the funnel, no matter how busy you are.

How To Solve These Two Big Mistakes

Our clients that have gone from one-man outfits to multi-million dollar companies all have one thing in common. They each implemented our proven marketing funnel AND they are constantly feeding people into the top of the funnel (we actually do that for them so they can focus on running their own  business).

If that's something you would like to learn more about then be sure to contact us today.

Helping small businesses grow through smart online marketing is our passion – you'll know it as soon as you talk to us for 5-minutes. I hope to talk with you about growing your business very soon.

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