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Grow your business with comprehensive and cutting-edge online marketing services that WE deliver so you don’t have to worry about it.

Whether you are a start-up business, a small, local, national or international enterprise, our online marketing services will launch your business, brand, website, products and services for more visibility, higher rankings, higher traffic, richer engagement, and potentially more leads and conversions.

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A framework we use to convey how you can grow your business is

the R-4 Pyramid. Watch the video below to learn more…



The 4 R’s of Business Success – Have NH Strategic Marketing Help You Get Even One Of These Right & Be On Your Way to 25% Growth In Your Business

Grow Your BusinessImprove Your Offline and Online Reputation: It’s never been easier for a prospect to find out what others think about your business. Obviously if you’re not nurturing your reputation online, if you’re not taking care of that, and you’re putting out a bad reputation or no reputation to the market place every day—you are just costing yourself lots and lots of money. Especially for the fact that statistics show that 70% of people read online reviews and take them with as much credibility as a personal friend or family members. So you have to be proactively nurturing your business reputation.

Grow Your Reach: Once you have your reputation in placed you want to let more people know about your business today than knew about it yesterday. And it’s the only way you’re going to get long-term growth—when you introduce your business to more and more ideal prospects and customers.

Now, most businesses don’t have any method for doing this proactively—they’re just kind of hoping and praying that more people are going to hear about their business through word-of-mouth and come in and buy something from them. But the reality is you need to be proactively taking advantage of opportunities to reach out to your target market.

Resell To Existing Customers: Once you’ve done all the hard work of getting a customer, you need to make sure to maximize the lifetime value of that client. You can do this by up selling them or cross-selling them other products or services. McDonald’s is a great example of this when they introduced Super-Sizing. Having an effective resell system in place allows your customer to come back to you again and again—and not go to your competitor.

And lastly…

Systematically Get More Referrals: Since you’re doing such a great job of taking care of your customers, we need to set up systems to maximize the benefit you get from them. Everyone knows that your customers that had the bad experiences are the loud mouths out there. Back in the day, before social media, they would tell 10x the amount of people about their bad experience than a happy customer would tell about their good experience. Now in the age of social media and online reviews- you can multiply that by 10 x 100 people that will know about their bad experience. Because everyone’s got these friends on social media, access to review your business on Google or Yelp instantly for the world to see—and this stuff spreads virally.

So you have to make it really easy for the people who are happy with your business to refer other people and to say good things about you in the market place. And the reality is if you just leave that up to them a very small percentage of them will actually do it. You’ve got to make it super-easy—so you’ve got to set up systems to maximize what they’re saying. If you do that you enhance your reputation. Thus the arrow.

Where now your reputation is being enhanced, you can reach out to more people with that strong reputation, continue reselling them on other services and products, continue to get new referrals…and it becomes this nice, self-fulfilling cycle.

In our experience just by maximizing any of these 4 R’s can lead to 25% growth at your business, and maximizing all 4 R’s gets a compounding effect where you can see well over 100% growth in a year. And if you look around in any business that’s absolutely crushing it, you’re going to see that they’re maximizing these 4 R’s whether consciously or unconsciously.

Do you see how maximizing these 4 R’s could significantly impact growth at your business?


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