Cigars and Smart SMS Marketing

cigars and smart marketing


Hey there, I just put together a short video showing you a smart SMS marketing strategy I saw a local New Hampshire business owner using. Post by NH Strategic Marketing.


When It Comes To Marketing Your Business Online, Not All Website Traffic Is Created Equal

traffic vs traffic


When I was a kid I liked the old Spy vs. Spy comics and cartoons.  It always featured two spies, who are completely identical except for the fact that one is dressed in white and the other black. The pair was constantly warring with each other, using a variety of booby-traps to inflict harm to each other.  I thought of this old comic strip the other day when I was helping a client analyze two opposing online traffic sources. There were … Continue reading


Google Advertising Mistakes – Not Using Ad Extensions Could Be Costing You

google adwords ad extensions


According to Google research, four in five people use search to find local information.  The fastest way to get on the 1st page of Google (and all the way to the top) is to use Google AdWords.  Here at NH Strategic Marketing we analyze plenty of Google AdWords campaigns.  With that ‘behind the scenes view’ we see lots of businesses making big Google Advertising Mistakes. The biggest one we see over and over is not using Ad Extensions within their … Continue reading


Has Your Facebook Fan Page Become a Dead Zone?!

halloween graveyard


It’s frightening how many Facebook Fan Pages for Businesses that I see that are ‘dead zones’ with absolutely NO sign of life. I’ll admit, not all businesses have the most ‘social’ subject matters BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t breathe a little life into your Dead fan page. There are a lot of reasons you should resurrect your Fan Page if it has gone cold – here are just a few:   1.  Your customers are there every day – … Continue reading


The Importance of ACCURATE Local Listings For Your Business

local business listings


The Internet has become the New Yellow Pages and in this day and age your customers are using it to look for Local Listings For your business. These local business listings are officially known as “Citations.” These Local Citations are defined as any “mention of your business name and address on other webpages—even if there is no link to your website.” An example of a citation might be an online yellow pages directory where your business is listed, but not … Continue reading


Facebook Local Awareness Ads

facebook local awareness ads


Facebook Local Awareness Ads are a new Advertising format available to Small Businesses that were recently launched. Small businesses may be small but their presence is primed to get a whole lot larger, thanks to a new feature being rolled out by Facebook. ‘Local awareness’ advertisements will be shown to Facebook users who are in a businesses’s neighborhood, with the goal of attracting new customers. The advertisements are designed to be quick and easy for small businesses to create, as … Continue reading


Amazon Local – a Good Idea For Your Small Business?

Amazon Local


Amazon Local is a daily deals website that is part of the huge entity known as Every day, Amazon Local sends new deals to subscribers to use in their city and online.  If you are a customer of (who isn’t right?) then you likely have seen these emails in your Inbox every morning.  The question is, does it make sense for YOU to use it to advertise your small business?   I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with … Continue reading


Google Direct Mail, The $50 BILLION Online Advertising Giant Sent ME Direct Mail?

google direct mail


Google, The $50 BILLION Online Advertising Giant Sent Me Direct Mail and there is a lesson here I would like to point out to you.  Google made $50 Billion last year and 97% of that revenue came from selling its online Paid Advertising product “Google AdWords” of which I am a huge fan. Did you know Google nets $115,150 of revenue in one minute, and converts $23,509 of that into profit.   Crazy isn’t it?? Despite those amazing numbers you might be surprised … Continue reading


Improve The Online Reputation For Your Business



The online reputation for your business is very important and has only become even more important as your customers are Googling to learn what your previous customers have to say about you.  If you want to Improve The Online Reputation For Your Business I have just the thing to share.  Today I have a short video showing you a simple and powerful way to boost your online reputation. Some fun online reputation facts for you: – 88% of consumers research before … Continue reading


5 Lessons from ‘Batman’ – Being The Superhero of Your Business

the batman


I admit it. I am a complete and total Geek. I have always loved Super Hero’s and as a child I loved Comic Books and their Cartoon derivations. To this day I love the Super Hero movies that are released on the big screens and eagerly attend with my popcorn and some other geeky friends (going to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie tonight!!!). One of my all time favorite Superhero’s is BATMAN and I believe that there … Continue reading