How to Avoid making These 5 Crucial Sales Mistakes



See These 5 Sales Mistakes that Can Sink Your Sales It’s hard enough to get sales conversion without shooting yourself in the foot, so it’s often useful to take a look at mistakes that are easy to make in this area. Even though we all possess different skill levels and abilities, the majority of these apply universally, and we can all benefit by keeping them in mind. 5 Easy to make mistakes that can ruin the sales process Are you … Continue reading


5 Killer Ways to Promote your New Content

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Use These 5 Tips for Promoting your Content As you probably are aware, millions of new pieces of content hit the Web every single day, and the chances of people rushing to yours simply because it’s wonderful are slim to none. That’s where a content promotion plan for each piece of content you create comes into play. Getting your content out in front of people who are actually looking for it will pay large dividends! So before you run screaming … Continue reading


56 Birthday Marketing Ideas For Small Business Owners

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Birthdays are a great reason to create a marketing message to your prospects and customers.  Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with people you care about and as a small business owner and marketer, what’s important is getting your customers engaged while providing them with an incentive to shop with you, or at the very least, have some ‘good feelings’ about you and your business.  If they think of your business around their ‘special day’ they may be more likely to … Continue reading


10 SEO Tips for Small Business

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10 SEO Tips for Small Business Competing in the small business landscape these days is hard enough, but to do it with an un-optimized website is like choosing to come to the fight unarmed. Luckily for us, there are clear guidelines that can help you rank your pages better, and most of them are doable without being the head geek at Google. Let’s look at 10 small business SEO tips that can help you rank your pages and sites better. … Continue reading


Ways to Effectively Utilize Tumblr in Your Business



Check Out These Tips for Using Tumblr for your Business What would you say if I told you that you can build your own Web presence on a site that has north of 300 million unique visitors each month, is fantastic for SEO, and is a unique social media platform at the same time, and all for free? That site would be Tumblr. This gem receives more than 300 million unique visitors a month, and it’s free to use! (There … Continue reading


What to Do When Your Business is a Victim of Negative SEO

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How to Handle Negative SEO Negative SEO is a very real problem for those who’ve been victimized by it. Watching your website rankings that you’ve fought so hard for tank virtually overnight is not only heartbreaking, but a real financial pain as well. So what form do these negative SEO attacks take? It can from a variety of techniques, such as spamming the Web with tons of highly suspect anchor text keywords pointing to your pages, such as for Viagra, … Continue reading


5 Ways to Employ Social Proof in Your Marketing

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Using Social Proof to Help Generate More Sales Let’s face it, we’ve all used the recommendation of others to help us decide whether or not to buy a product or service. It’s basic human nature. Jonathan Swift said “It was a brave man that first ate an oyster.” We like to know it’s safe to buy before pulling the trigger! How to work social proof into our marketing is where it can get tricky, as we need to create the … Continue reading


Two Options To Get Your Website Mobile Ready

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With Google’s announcement of their April 21st 2015 deadline to get your business website “Mobile Friendly” I have been talking a lot about the different options to get this fixed. Mobile is growing at five times the speed of the internet and you don’t want to be one of the many business owners ‘left behind’ because it will cost you. If your business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly presence, it’s past time to catch up — both users and search engines … Continue reading


Mobile Search, Why You Should Google Your Business Name, and FB Contests

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In The Trenches Small Business Marketing – Episode 3 In this episode Kyle Battis from NH Strategic Marketing talks about: -“Mobile-Geddon”, how big Google changes affect your site in Mobile Search, and what it means to your small business (plus two options on how to fix it) -Why its important to Google your business name (this one is funny and should drive you to immediately ‘Google’ your business name and your name) -How to reach a lot of people using … Continue reading


Want More People to View your Content? Improve your Page Load Speeds

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How and Why to Make Your Pages Load More Quickly If one of your goals is to best optimize your site for search, then you might be aware of the importance placed on having your pages load quickly. There are a variety of good reasons why you’ll want to make sure this is so, among them… It’s definitely a Google ranking factor. Average human attention span is now down to 8 seconds. The typical retail site loads at longer than … Continue reading