How To Use Your Best Customers To Find New Ones Using Facebook Lookalike Targeting

Facebook lookalike targeting


In this short video I want to show you How To Use Your Best Customers To Find New Ones.  Facebook’s advertising platform is constantly evolving and for a small business owner there are a lot of powerful ways you can use it to grow your small business.  One of the ways I really like is with Facebook Lookalike ad targeting.  Facebook collects and sifts through all kinds of information that all its users voluntarily fork over to it.  This information is … Continue reading


The BIG Google Mistake Many Small Business Owners Are Making – NH Strategic Marketing

google plus business page


There is a BIG Google Mistake Many Small Business Owners Are Making and the sad news is that most aren’t even aware of it.  Its not your fault if you don’t know about this BUT after watching this video you will want to take action on this as it can mean the difference in new customers calling your business and hurting for business. I can’t stress enough how critically important this page is to your online visibility. Click the play … Continue reading


The Jeep Wave, Customer Culture, and Marketing Your Business

Kyle's Jeep Wrangler


I recently sold my car and bought myself a new Jeep Wrangler.  I used to be a Jeep guy but took a two year hiatus but I’m back now!!  ;-)  My recent Jeep shopping experience produced a funny story with a marketing lesson in it that I would like to share. When I was test driving the Jeep that day up in Lebanon, NH I  passed another Jeep going the other direction.  The driver was a man and he raised … Continue reading


Happy St. Patrick’s Day From The NH Strategic Marketing Team

st patricks day


Wishing you and safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day From The NH Strategic Marketing Team! Post by NH Strategic Marketing.


Facebook Retargeting For Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing on Facebook


Facebook is one of the most popular, highly used websites in the world.  Whether you use Facebook or not doesn’t really matter because over 1/7th of the world’s entire population does use Facebook.   Many of those people use it every single day (sometimes multiple times and multiple hours a day).  One of the concepts we teach, is to promote your business where people are spending time online.  Some stats say that the average user is spending 15 + hours a … Continue reading


Video Marketing – 7 Tips for Choosing The Right Videographer

video marketing


Today I have a special guest blog post from my new friend Andy Olsen, owner of Com Productions, a NH Videographer. Andy is a professional videographer specializing in online video marketing.  As Andy says on his website, “Great stories connect us.  They teach us, entertain us, and influence how we see the world.“ Well said Andy and I agree fully.  A well done video has the potential to greatly improve the effectiveness of your online marketing.  If you are considering going … Continue reading


St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas For Your Business

st. patrick's day logo


Themed Holiday promotions have worked for businesses of all shapes and sizes for ages.  Part of the reason is that you are tapping into the mindset of your customers and entering into the conversation going on in their minds.  With St. Patrick’s Day approaching quickly, I thought I’d share some simple ideas to market your small business in a fun and interesting way. With that, here are some sample St. Patrick’s Day marketing ideas Run a St. Patrick Day “Luck … Continue reading


A Hidden Profit Killer In Your Business – Is Your Staff Driving Away Sales By How They Answer The Phone?

bad receptionist


I have been a “fly on the wall” in many businesses and this has given me a unique vantage point that often even the business owner doesn’t have. (sometime its difficult to see problems because we are too close to the situation right?  I know this is true for me) Today I have an important warning for you that could literally be costing you serious money in your business and it may not be a problem that you ”think” you have.  It could be a hidden … Continue reading


A Business Lesson From ‘The Hippo – How You Can Use Symbiotic Relationships to Succeed

Hippo business success


I don’t know about you, but every once in a while I love to watch “The Discovery Channel.”  I especially love watching those Nature shows.  Last time I watched I just so happened to get a Business Lesson From ‘The Hippo.” I watched one of these recently and it got me thinking about how you can use Symbiotic Relationships to succeed.  Introducing the Hero of our story  – “The Hippo.”   The Hippo is the king of symbiotic relationships and leverages them … Continue reading


7 Big Mistakes In Driving Paid Traffic To Your Site



In today’s post I will cover 7 Big Mistakes In Driving Paid Traffic To Your Site.  To kick off this blog post I want to share a testimonial from a smart business owner that just read our new book, “How To Generate Leads For Your Local Business With Google AdWords.“ Here is What Liz Wrote About Our New Book:    ”Best wake up call in the whole book:  ’…reliance on social media, (SEO), product launches, …and strategic alliances and/or joint ventures … Continue reading