Amazon Local – a Good Idea For Your Small Business?

Amazon Local


Amazon Local is a daily deals website that is part of the huge entity known as Every day, Amazon Local sends new deals to subscribers to use in their city and online.  If you are a customer of (who isn’t right?) then you likely have seen these emails in your Inbox every morning.  The question is, does it make sense for YOU to use it to advertise your small business?   I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with … Continue reading


Google Direct Mail, The $50 BILLION Online Advertising Giant Sent ME Direct Mail?

google direct mail


Google, The $50 BILLION Online Advertising Giant Sent Me Direct Mail and there is a lesson here I would like to point out to you.  Google made $50 Billion last year and 97% of that revenue came from selling its online Paid Advertising product “Google AdWords” of which I am a huge fan. Did you know Google nets $115,150 of revenue in one minute, and converts $23,509 of that into profit.   Crazy isn’t it?? Despite those amazing numbers you might be surprised … Continue reading


Improve The Online Reputation For Your Business



The online reputation for your business is very important and has only become even more important as your customers are Googling to learn what your previous customers have to say about you.  If you want to Improve The Online Reputation For Your Business I have just the thing to share.  Today I have a short video showing you a simple and powerful way to boost your online reputation. Some fun online reputation facts for you: – 88% of consumers research before … Continue reading


5 Lessons from ‘Batman’ – Being The Superhero of Your Business

the batman


I admit it. I am a complete and total Geek. I have always loved Super Hero’s and as a child I loved Comic Books and their Cartoon derivations. To this day I love the Super Hero movies that are released on the big screens and eagerly attend with my popcorn and some other geeky friends (going to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie tonight!!!). One of my all time favorite Superhero’s is BATMAN and I believe that there … Continue reading


A NEW Definition of Marketing To Grow Sales In Your Business?

New Hampshire Marketing


The Frame You See Your Business Through – We all look at the world (and the marketing of our businesses) through our own unique “Frames.”  These Frames can affect our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.   If you would like to get more customers for your business then marketing is how to achieve that goal but if you don’t ‘like’ Marketing, then how will you ever get there?  I’d like to invite you to change your frame on how you … Continue reading


How To Get Customers To Do What YOU Want – 6 Psychological Triggers to Boost Online Lead Generation



One of my mentors Dan Sullivan has a definition of Marketing that I just love.  He sees Marketing’s role to be “Getting people intellectually engaged in a future result that’s GOOD for THEM’ ‘and getting them to emotionally commit to take action to achieve that result’.  I know a lot of business owners that see Marketing as a ‘bad thing’ but if you look at this definition and you’re coming at it from this angle you are helping people take … Continue reading


Google Remarketing To Get More Leads and Increase Sales

Google Remarketing to Increase Leads


I want to show you how you can use Google Remarketing To Get More Leads and Increase Sales.  Let me ask you…. What if you could continue to promote to people that came to your website once, but weren’t ready to make a buying decision? What if your advertisement could show up all over the Internet wherever that interested prospect was browsing, including major sites like CNN, Fox News, Youtube, and more. You must understand that the vast majority of … Continue reading


How To Attract More Clients by Publishing Helpful Content – A Simple Inbound Marketing System

inbound marketing system


I recently received an email question from one of my subscribers.  Here is what they asked:  ”While I want/need more clients to sustain financially I don’t want to come across as insincere or fake with my marketing.  How can I attract more clients and stay true to who I am?” Great question and the answer they are looking for is “Inbound Marketing.” Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that magnetically pulls people toward your company and product, where they … Continue reading


How To Get More Google Pay Per Click Traffic For Less Money

more traffic from google


If you are running a Google AdWords campaign to generate leads for your business then this will be a crucially important video to watch. Most advertisers are making a huge mistake that is costing them a lot more money then it needs to – and its hampering their ability to get more leads for less money. What I show you in this video will help you get more traffic from Google for less money.  Click The Play button below to … Continue reading


How To Get More Leads By Getting a Higher Click Through Rate

google ad extensions


Any business owner that is running Google AdWords and NOT taking advantage of Ad Extensions is missing out. Part of the success formula for Google AdWords is getting a higher click through rate on your ads. Ad Extensions help do just that.  In this short video I will show you How To Get More Leads By Getting a Higher Click Through Rate. Google put together a cool little video that shows how these work. See how a business like Main Street … Continue reading