How To Use an Online Sales and Marketing Funnel to Grow Your Business



Hello business friend! In this episode of the ‘In The Trenches Small Business Marketing Podcast” I share a graphic of a simple sales and marketing funnel and I show you how you can apply it to your business. Click the play button below to watch: If you found value in this video please do share the love with some of the social media buttons below. That will help us get this in front of other business owners who need this … Continue reading


5 Effective Ways to Optimize your Google AdWords Landing Pages

Responsive Design 1


See How to Easily Optimize Your Google AdWords Landing Pages Although most business owners will move heaven and earth to optimize the smallest of details on their websites, getting them to pay the same amount of attention to Google AdWords landing page optimization is a tall task indeed. And yet these are the same people that will wonder aloud why their landing pages don’t convert as well as they think they should. There are some definite best practices you’ll need to … Continue reading


Why You Absolutely Need a Content Marketing Calendar

Content Marketing Calendar


Check Out how to create your Own Content Marketing Calendar One of the hallmarks of companies that rock content marketing is that they without fail have a content marketing plan along with a content marketing calendar. Content marketing has become a many-headed hydra, all of which require care and attention. Keeping track of all the many venues in which you publish, tracking production, holding people accountable, and certainly not least, executing a coherent strategy makes going forward without a content … Continue reading


What is Hashtag Marketing and How Can It Help You?

Hashtag Marketing


5 Tips for Winning with Hashtag Marketing Hashtags have taken the world by storm, and the arena of marketing is no exception. They are in nearly every post, for many different reasons. Born on Twitter, which remains the most prominent venue for hashtags, they have become a form of shorthand for a world that’s already short! Now even Emojis are getting into the act, with Instagram announcing support for the little darlings. (Not yet on other networks) Hashtags help you … Continue reading


What Was the Google Phantom Update About?

Google Update


Were Your Sites Affected by Google Phantom? You may have noticed this, it may have gone totally unnoticed, and for a few of us, it had a major impact. But recently Google rolled out what has been termed the Phantom update. It hasn’t gotten as much attention as the more famous creatures, Penguin and Panda, but had significant impact all the same for more than a few websites. While Google says it does between 500-600 search algorithm updates a year, … Continue reading


10 LinkedIn Tips You Want to Know!

LinkedIn Tips


10 Cool Tips for Your LinkedIn Toolbox LinkedIn has become ever more the go-to source for business leads and connections, but only if you are able to get out of the beginner mode. There are several great features which allow you to make connections, share content and extend your reach exponentially, but to be able to make the best use of these you need to be not only active but smart. The best way to mine LinkedIn for leads and … Continue reading


3 Tips for Managing Social Media for Small Businesses

Social Media Platforms


Does your Small Business Flounder with Social Media? See these 3 Tips! Okay, it’s 2015: do you know where your social media is? We can all agree (at least I hope so) that social media is not only where the people are, it has also become a viable source of traffic, engagement and marketing for almost any business that would choose to make use of it. Since we all know that, let’s concentrate on what it will take to start … Continue reading


7 Examples of Subject Lines that Get Your Emails Opened



Subject Lines that Get Emails Opened More Frequently Some emails subject lines get far more opens that others. The purpose of the subject line is to get the email opened, nothing more. Making promises we can’t keep, or being overly sensational will cause antipathy and produce unsubscribes. Your job is to know which these are and use them and resist the urge to get clever and try and use clickbait and other tactics that may actually work against you. It’s … Continue reading


What Does Facebook’s Instant Articles Mean for You?

Facebook Instant Articles


What to Think About Facebook’s Instant Articles A lot of the buzz encircling Facebook recently is the launch of Facebook Instant Articles. This mobile-only platform is effectively raising the bar for content publishers by enabling you to create an incredibly rich, multi-layered approach to content that will amaze and engage. Facebook Instant Articles are built on concepts taken from Facebook Paper, and perhaps the best thing about it is that it allows mobile pages to load a stunning 10X faster … Continue reading


How to Publish Effectively on LinkedIn



5 Reasons You’ll Want to Publish on LinkedIn Okay, all of you that have published on LinkedIn raise your virtual hands… That’s what I thought. Not many consider LinkedIn when choosing where to publish content, and in point of fact, that’s a big mistake. Now that the platform is accessible to all LinkedIn users, we need to reset our minds to think of how LinkedIn can work well for us. To put it simply, LinkedIn is a powerhouse goldmine for … Continue reading