Are You Employing Conversion Optimization?



Want More Sales? Use Conversion Optimization Although you often hear the roar of marketers bemoaning too little traffic to their pages as the bane of their existence, it’s a fair bet that they haven’t used conversion optimization to get the most out of what they are receiving. Conversion optimization merely involves making sure each and every element in the sales process, from the first contact to the Thank You page is crafted to ensure that you not only get the … Continue reading


The Basics of SEO for E-commerce

Social Proof


Best Practices in SEO for E-commerce SEO for ecommerce is not that much different than SEO for anything else, but it does have some unique aspects you’ll want to bear in mind. When it comes to e-commerce sites, the process gets even more complex than usual. In fact, e-commerce sites operate in a unique set of circumstances with a specific set of best practices. So to make this a reality let’s take a look at some of the more valuable … Continue reading


The Latest in Social Media Updates for your Small Business

What's New With Social Media


What’s New with Social Media in the Past Few Months We all know that keeping up with social media is a job, and the constant updates that may slip by unnoticed may well be something that could really help your small business. Whether it’s a new way to publish content, publicize your wares, or network with your audience, social platforms change constantly, and many times for the better. To help with this, here are some of the latest social media … Continue reading


Check Out these 5 E-Commerce Software Solutions

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Check Out these 5 E-Commerce Software Solutions You’ve made a decision to take the plunge and set up your online store, but are stumped about how to find the best e-commerce solution for your particular business. We feel your anguish, and in the interests of making life a bit easier in this regard, we’ve come up with a list of 5 hosted e-commerce software solutions that will do just that. We’re only going to consider hosted e-commerce software solutions this … Continue reading


Google’s Latest Update and What It Means For Your Business

google changed its algorithm again


Someone once said the only constant in life is change… The same can be said about Google and its search algorithm. Many business owners were frustrated once again by Google’s latest update to its search results.  In this episode of the ‘In The Trenches Small Business Marketing” video podcast I show you how it affects your business.  The biggest noticeable difference was that they started showing only 3 businesses in the Maps listings (formerly referred to as the “7 Pack”). … Continue reading


Why You Need Facebook for your Content Marketing Plan

Facebook Like


Why You Need Facebook in your Content Marketing Plan It’s simply not possible if you’ve been marketing for any amount of time that you haven’t been advised that Facebook, and social media in general, is essential to your online success. I would say that’s totally true, but with one major caveat: you have to know how to use it, or you’ll come away believing that it is a useless time-wasting exercise in futility. We I’m here today to tell you … Continue reading


5 Great Pinterest Tips for Small Businesses



5 Great Pinterest Tips for Small Businesses 70 Million people are hard to dismiss, and if you hope to make any traction with this audience, you’ll want to have a look at these 5 great tips for marketing your small business on Pinterest. Pinterest has a largely female audience, roughly 70-75%, and the best thing about it is that they are not afraid to buy! If your product or service lends itself to a visual rendering, then you should be … Continue reading


Why Do People Click on Your Links?

Clickable Links


Best Practices for Getting More Clickable Links Much of the time in our quest to connect with an audience, make sales, get opt-ins and more, we are depending on our visitors to make that connection via a web link. Thus it would stand to reason that one of our primary tasks in this quest is to make it our business to know how to get them to click! Seems there’s more to this than simply hyperlinking “Click here” and expecting … Continue reading


How to Scale your Content with a 1-Person Team



Scaling your Content All by Yourself One of the more frightening scenarios a lot of small businesses and independent marketers face is the fact that content marketing is an essential element of a modern online business. That is, unless, they are a one-man gang, tasked with doing all the other aspects of an online business. Then the task becomes quite daunting indeed. These individuals look with unbridled envy at companies with specialized staff members producing innovative, original content in its … Continue reading


How To Use an Online Sales and Marketing Funnel to Grow Your Business



Hello business friend! In this episode of the ‘In The Trenches Small Business Marketing Podcast” I share a graphic of a simple sales and marketing funnel and I show you how you can apply it to your business. Click the play button below to watch: If you found value in this video please do share the love with some of the social media buttons below. That will help us get this in front of other business owners who need this … Continue reading