How to Learn Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing – How Your Business Can Start Using It Social media marketing has advanced to the point where it’s no longer just another channel, full of sound and furywhile signifying mostly nothing, and is now a crucial aspect of any serious online marketing business. If you haven’t yet gotten on board with this, the time is now. With so many people gathering on the various social networks, it is important to go where the people are if you … Continue reading


7 Great tips for Growing your Email List

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Want a Larger Email Subscriber List? Try These 7 Tips! It’s no secret that one of the biggest keys to long term success online is through the use of nurtured customer and prospect email lists. And the odds are not ever in your favor: your list will lose around 22% efficacy annually, so it’s on you to make sure you are always building and expanding your lists. But what are some good ways to do that? Lucky for you we … Continue reading


How to Get the Most from Your Facebook Business Page



Make Your Facebook Business Page Work for You! Making your small business Facebook page a hub of social activity for your business is a major task if you hope to expand your business using social media. Yet many are lulled into believing that simply creating a business page and posting once every few months ought to do it. Not by a long shot. Luckily for us there are several tried and true tips you can use to not only make … Continue reading


Getting Started Tracking Your Website Data

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Getting Started Tracking Your Website Data When you’re running a small business, it is easy to simply forego tracking any data associated with your website. This is a mistake. Having data not only about your own site but competitive intelligence about your competitors is a must if you want to spot opportunities to profit. But how do you begin to implement tracking on your sites without getting a degree in all things technical? What sort of software do you require … Continue reading


Check Out these Awesome Free Tools for Small Business

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7 Free Tools to Help Your Small Business Every business needs productivity tools to manage their activities, and when you’re just starting, funds for the best tools are bound to be limited. Good thing we know where to find a number of incredibly useful, and even better, free tools to help with this. And don’t be fooled into thinking that these tools aren’t that great simply because they’re free. Below are 7 really cool, useful and best of all free … Continue reading


How to Make Sure Your On-Page SEO is Up to Date



Check Out These 7 Tips for Better on-Page SEO Since SEO changes frequently it’s incumbent upon us to ensure we are up to date on the current state of affairs when it comes to on-page SEO for our sites. There’s more to this than just dropping in a keyword every now and then: Google is constantly seeking ways to deliver better search results, and a byproduct of that is an environment where change is the only thing you can count … Continue reading


7 Ways to Make Your Social Media Efforts Pay Off

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See These 7 tips for Winning with Social Media You probably realize that done right, social media marketing can bring around benefits you’d be hard pressed to find in any other type of online marketing. You can find a far larger audience, for less money, in less time than with any other method. The trick is in knowing how to do it right. It’s simply not enough to create a Facebook page for your business and call it good. For … Continue reading


Fake Google Phone Calls?

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In this episode of the ‘In The Trenches Small Business Marketing Podcast” I do an “Ask Kyle” episode and let you know if Google is really calling your business multiple times a week or if it is something else. Debbie asks: “Hi Kyle quick question, should I be getting any kind of phone calls from Google+ account. When I call back they say I can be removed from the list? Any clue? Thanks -Deb” Here is Kyle’s Answer about these … Continue reading


What Type of Advertising is Best for a Small Business?

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How to Invest Your Small Business Ad Budget Wisely Many times a small business owner draws a blank when it comes to determining how to spend their advertising budget. They often have never purchased ads before, have a small budget to work with, and haven’t a clue as to what’s available to them. The fact is advertising is essential for a business to prosper, and for small businesses there are many more options than you might imagine. Let’ get familiar … Continue reading


7 Hot Website Design Trends to Look for in 2015

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What’s Trending in Website Design If you are due for a refresh or a complete redesign of your site, it’s a great idea to have an idea not only what’s considered new and exciting in website design, but also what just works better technologically. For 2015 there are some holdovers, and also a lot of evolvers, as what we are able to do technologically catches up with the ideas. An example would be how the concept of Flat Design evolved … Continue reading