The Online Marketing Rhyme

Online marketing rhyme

A friend of mine challenged me to write an Online Marketing Rhyme so I whipped up a this little ditty. Enjoy! He opened up his computer and Googled different keywords to discover what the results would be… Sad feelings ensued as his business wasn’t found until Page three… No matter what he searched in the […]

How Fixing This One Thing On Your Site Can Get You More Traffic and Leads

HTTPS for websites

In this short video I am going to show you how fixing this one thing on your site can get you more traffic and leads.  Sometimes it’s simple little fixes like this that can lead to big changes.  (Small hinges swing big doors they say). Click The Play Button Below To Learn How Making Your […]

Has Your Facebook Fan Page Become a Dead Zone?!

halloween graveyard

It’s frightening how many Facebook Fan Pages for Businesses that I see that are ‘dead zones’ with absolutely NO sign of life. I’ll admit, not all businesses have the most ‘social’ subject matters BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t breathe a little life into your Dead fan page. There are a lot of reasons you […]


Here are 5 tips to be more visible in Google.  This will help your business stand out in Google and show up when prospective customers are searching for a business like yours. #1. CLAIM THE GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGE LISTING FOR YOUR BUSINESS – This is Free, fast, relatively easy to do, yet many businesses have never […]

3 Three Pillars of Business

One of my mentors recently talked about a concept called “The 3 Pillars of Business” and I wanted to share a take away I had on it (one that I hope will help you find more success in your own business). Here is the concept in a nutshell:  EVERY business has 3 Pillars to it […]

3 Ways To OWN The Front Page of Google

own the front page of Google

One of the strategies my team and I implement for our clients is to own the front page of Google.  Just think, most home owners who need to hire someone are going to Google and doing a search there for help.  They are clicking on the links that show up on the front page…  If you’re NOT on the front page, […]

Two Marketing Mistakes I See Business Owners Make All The Time

Today I want to share two big mistakes I see business owners make over and over that leads to unpredictable seasons and lower sales than they should have. If you want to remove all doubt and KNOW that your business will grow year after year then pay close attention to what I am going to […]

50+ Eye-Opening Video Marketing Statistics for Small Business Owners in 2018

Today I have some really interesting small business video marketing statistics to share.  The internet is quickly reaching a point where small business owners need to embrace video marketing in order to survive. In just a few years, ignoring video content will be on par with not having a business website. To explain why this […]